A Night at Genting

@ 9 months 2 weeks 5 days

We spent the weekend at Genting Highlands. It was Ryan’s first out of KL-Sel trip so the feeling was a mixture of excited and worry. Excited for obvious reasons, worry because not knowing if Ryan would make a big fuss having to travel so far (not that far la… but far for Ryan’s standard lor)

Checked in to Genting Resort Hotel around 1pm. Somehow the condition of the room was much higher than our expectation. Thanks to a friend of mine who had stayed there before and pre-empted me to get the renovated rooms (16th floor and above).

Overall Ryan was very well behaved throughout the 2D 1 N stay with only some fussing up and downhill, maybe due to the winding road.

Ryan likes to be in the cold so the trip was pretty ideal for Ryan being the typical winter baby he is. At night if the air-con is not cold enough for him, he’ll be twisting and tossing on bed non stop until I lower the temperature. The flip side to this is Daddy (who can’t stand the cold) will have to cover himself with comforter lor for his son’s sake.

Ryan biting his lips, getting really impatient (I think). Heehee…

Ryan’s new found toy in the room; THE PHONE. Check out how he stood unsupported.. Ryan also attempted a few wobbly steps (3 steps). Geng!!!

Ryan drinking *plain water* from straw

Daddy and Ryan during din-din

Luckily we brought along a toy to entertain Ryan

Outside temperature was about 12C. Probably the reason for Ryan’s moody face

Daddy and Ryan (Ryan still with his moody face)

Oops.. caught in the act..Ryan likes to tear up all the books, magazines he could grab hold off. But that night he reserved this particular piece. Ryan showing us his favourite pin up gal. LOL

Home Sweet Home Ride (Ryan and his *sleepmate*)