Kena Tagged Again~~

La, la, la… Angeleyes tagged me this morning. She did say I could do this during lunch but I was so kan cheong that I cannot wait ie like cannot wait to broadcast things about me. :P

Hehehe.. so here goes, 5 things you do not know about me.

1) During my salad days (mo chi siu lui that time), I actually kept a lyrics book filled with songs lyric from various singers. Peer pressure la. We went so fanatic about it till the extent if one member named a song and I don’t have that lyric, I will look reaallllllly bad aka not savvy enough la in front of my friends. Oh, in case you’re wondering we have to know how to sing each and every of the songs on our lyrics book too!! Geng leh…

2) One of my fav foods is Maggie Mee. Hubs always nag me for being soooo nutritional unconscious but I just can’t help it la. During my Uni years, I spent two third of my week eating that. Probably that explains why I was only 43kg then. Slurp slurp~~

3) I actually fell deeply in love with my hubs after he sang one song to me. Kekeke.. ‘Tui Pat Hei Ngor Oi Lei’ by Leon Lai. Erm, I don’t know why he chose a ‘sorry’ song. Probably the only song from his ‘ngau cheong’ (idol) that he could master well.

4) I am a no swimmer, in fact a little phobia of water. I’ll get jelly legs and gave all sorts of excuses when hubs encouraged me to take up swimming lessons. However, in 2005, amazingly I signed up for diving, sat for the test, went through the horrifying lessons and finally got my license after 4 dives at Tioman Island. I am so proud of myself okii..

5) I am a much stronger and healthier person after having Ryan. Before Ryan, I would easily go ‘tau wan san heng’ (weak) for no apparent reasons. I must say (touch wood), since Ryan’s arrival I have not been sick since. Maybe it’s the mental reminders that kept me healthy ie. knowing no way hubs is able to care for Ryan alone if I fall sick. Hubs actually call me ‘Tit Yan’ (robot aka iron lady) for that reason. :P

Hmm.. who I wanna tag leh:

1) MalaikaMummy – I still wanna know more about you..
2) SmellyJoel – new blogger mummy
3) DesperateMummy – your last meme was so farnee..share with us more la
4) Makawala – another daddy blogger. (wei wei.. not enough posts on your blog la.. tell us more about you oki)
5) LittleEyes – my ex uni mate (nah.. open eyes big big and reply my tag yeah) :P

That’s all… happy replying.