10 Months Milestones

@ 10 Months

Ryan has 8 teeth, 79cm and 9.8kg (last measured and weighted 2 weeks ago)

Emotions & Character
* Ryan is quite stubborn. He doesn’t like it when we try to hold his hand to guide him the correct way of doing whatever he was doing. Example, I will usually hold Ryan’s hand during shape matching or stack the stars stars games. But our lil kulingchingkwai always pushes my hand away and wanted to do it himself (of course most of the time wrong)
* Ryan can be a super ignorant snob. When he refused to look at you, he can see through you and look at some other things or objects without a blink. It’s like as if we were totally invisible. I totally do not understand how he does that so perfectly. Chinese say ‘tong lei mo to’
* Ryan doesn’t talk to himself anymore when he wants to sleep. But he still rubs his eyes though.
* I like to believe Ryan is always a happy baby. On rare oaccassions when he shows his grumpy face it is always not for long. Once we tickle him, he’ll be back with his beaming (sometimes big, sometimes cheeky) smile.
* Sleep pattern. The lullabies don’t worked anymore too. Nowadays I just put Ryan on bed, and he’ll continue to toss and turn on bed until he is tired. When he finally wind down, I’ll pat pat him to sleep while pointing to some drawings and count 1,2, 3….
* Ryan has a habit of clearing his throat just before the milk bottle goes into his mouth. It’ll go like this.. I’ll lay Ryan on a raised pillow, put hanky, and he’ll then ‘Oek” (puke sound) once just right before the teat goes into his mouth.

Language & Speech
* Ryan’s vocal improves a lot. He can do this sound, MaMa, MumMum, YaYa, Oooo, Ba Ba
* Ryan can also roar like a lion – yes.. he’ll go “rooarrr” “roooarrr”
* I do not know where Ryan picked this up (hopefully not me :P )lately he likes to mumble ‘pst.. pst…” too
* When I read out the animals, stories for Ryan, he’ll smile and “OoOo OoOooo”

* Ryan can stand up from sitting position in lightning speed. Sometimes he can stand up without any support. That really scares me
* Ryan has no patience and super daring. I observed he’ll do things (actions) without thinking of the consequences. Why?
- Ryan can climb up stairs pretty fast and half way up he will attempt to climb down, then climb up again, then down..then up, down… see tiring or not.
- Ryan also mastered a faster way of getting down the stairs. Instead of following the method I teach him (leg down first), he’ll sit on the stairs, face up and use his butt to slide down the stairs *slap head* I always have to make sure my hand grip never left his body for fearing our lil monster might just slap us with other unpredictable surprises
* Ryan can also take a few wobbly steps without support. Again, each time he does that I have to make sure he’s no further than my arm’s length
* Ryan is able to do the gongxi gongxi shake.. but he does that discriminately
* Ryan knows to raise his leg when I undress his pants

* Likes to scream, likes to bite for all sorts of reasons
* Likes to climb up our bed board and push all the things down
* Likes to go to the most prohibited places ; where the cables are, plugs, TV, players etc are located
* He will scream if we try to put him on his playpen
* The trick I use lately to keep Ryan still on car seat and stroller while I strap him up is to say this to him.. “Wahhhh look what’s that??” (point to a direction), “Waahhhhh see who is that” all the Wah Wah Wah to distract him. Phew.. so far it works well. Wait until he’s older I may have to use the worm tricks on his (learn from Mom2Ashley). Heehee..
* I developed a habit of counting 1- 10 (starting from a junction before reaching nanny’s place) when I send Ryan to nanny’s. Nowadays when I start the count, he will go ‘Ooo.. Ooo…’
* Voluntarily hold his bottle during feed

* Started feeding Ryan with raisin oats. He loves it. I still do not have definite feeding schedule. Now that Ryan is 10 months I hope to develop a proper timetable especially lunch and dinner, what to eat and what not…
* Doesn’t like sweet potato mixed milk. He went Oek Oek (puke sound) the last I fed him
* Likes potato carrot porridge
* His fav drink is prune + apple
* Using Avent Teat No 4

* Wakes up around 7.45am (to auntie’s place)
* PIL will pick Ryan home around 6pm
* Mummy home by 8pm
* Daddy home by 10.30pm (very late lately)
* Sleep time at 11.30pm (bcos daddy wants to play with Ryan)

* Wakes up around 7.45am
* About 1.5 to 2 hours nap at 10.00am
* Next nap at around 4.00pm (1 – 1.5 hours average)
* Next afternoon nap around 7pm (max 1 hour. Will wake him up at 8pm)
* Sleep time at 11pm
If Ryan misses the evening 7pm nap, he’ll go to bed around 9.30pm (very seldom though…)

My Baby is 10 months today

@ 10 months

Gosh gosh gosh, my baby turns 10 months today. As usual, I’ll do a development update on my lil kulingchingkwai later.. Hopefully not too long winded la..:P

Ryan greeted me with these expression this morning.. look at his curly hair and grumpy ‘hiow’ look…
Happy 10 months Ryan.. muaks muaks…