Yoohoo.. Gong Hei Fatt Choy

@ 10 months 2 days

As like previous years, 1st day of CNY we will gather at hubs uncle’s shop in Ipohroad for a ‘tuen nin’ vegetarian breakfast. Today is no exception.

Everyone were very excited to see Ryan. Everyone wanted to get a share of him.. which is perfectly understandable being the only baby around. Who could resist such a cutey baby (ahem… CNY must praise praise a bit).

I seriously need a better camera to take better pictures. I took a lot of pics but only a few came out ‘kin tak yan’ (not blurry). I’m so so so disappointed with this cam (Ixus50. Ban Ban Ban Canon)
Mummy and Kulingchingkwai

Daddy and Kulingchingkwai (see the identical smile)

Mama, Cutey having his regular charge and Pak Pak (grumpy face.. kekeke.. must be because Ryan refused to let him carry)