My Customised Favicon

This is NOT a sponsored post

As said this is NOT a sponsored post. I came across this by chance. So, good things must share with my newfound friends here right…

Noticed the small little icon on my link (next to on the address bar above? Heehee.. now you can customise and have your own favicon instead of the typical B (Blogger’s favicon) Erm.. how many of you actually knew it’s call favicon pronounced as “fay-eye-con” ? I seriously just found out. *slap head*

I had some probs uploading the icon initially only to be advised by the prompt support that I should clear my cache. So voila… click on the icon on the bottom right (I have decided to give them a free link) or . Register online and follow the cimple instructions. You’re just a few steps away from having your customised favicon.

Have fun ….