Spending Quality Time with Ryan

@ 10 months 5 days

The long CNY break has given me the opportunity to spend more quality time with Ryan (auntie holiday :P). One thing for sure, when he’s at home his sleeping habit is more predictable and healthier ie he will take fewer and longer naps. Over the last few days, Ryan will wake up at 7.45am, naps at 10.30am till 12.30pm and only naps again around 4pm for another 2 hours. So he will miss his evening nap and sleep early before 10.30pm. Of course there are consequences to his early bed time. For the last few nights, Ryan actually woke up at 5am demanding our attention and play time. *slap head* His ‘play’ time will last between half hour to one hour then he’ll be back to Zzzz-land. Arrgh.. since I’m on leave, it’s still managable…….must train him to sleep for longer hours. Sigh…

Ryan with stoned face just woke up from his nap :D

Some changes (development) of Ryan I’ve discovered over the last few days:

Ryan uses his index finger a lot these few days. When I take out his bolster to count the cartoon prints, he will use his finger and do the pointing while I do the counting 1,2,3…….10. Heehee.. I actually used this trick to hypnotise him to sleep. LOL.. bad mummy. Back to his index finger. Basically Ryan uses his index finger to point to anything anytime. This evening he actually pointed to the moon (yeah.. was around 7.30pm only but already witness the early half moon) and mumbled “Moo Moo Moo” (err.. I think the moo moo moo sound has no relation to the moon.. I don’t remember teaching him the word Moon).

Think Ryan was imitating how mummy pour the oil on the finger before applying on his tummy

Trying to close back the cap using his thumb and index finger (can see the right finger?? .. heeehee)

Ryan is able to stack the star rings all by himself now. No more hand holding required. See, Ryan is very stubborn. He doesn’t like it when we guide his hands to stack (or should I say slide down) the star rings so all these while he was more like randomly throwing, banging the stars to the wall what not. Suddenly today out of the blue he became an expert in sliding them down the pole. If he cant stack it using one hand, he’ll use both his hands.

Ryan’s patience with his car seat is slowly diminishing. Lately he will start to demand us (most of the time mummy cos I’m usually the one besides him) to carry after a mere 10 mins drive. 10 mins literally got us nowhere near our destination. If we (I) don’t succumb to his demand, he will start his wailing episode; wail wail wail as if he was suffering from some chronic abuse. I find that totally heartbreaking seeing my usual happy pie wailed in such pitiful manner. To stop him from crying I would always have to distract him with milk or water. Very very sum toong (heartbreaking).

Hmm.. see his hand?
You think he knew mummy was in state of breaking down also seeing him cry as such.. ??

Milk Solution

I can’t remember how long has this been on going but over the last few days I came to appreciate the beauty of Ryan’s new found playzone. Yes, for some strange reason, Ryan has developed a liking of hiding (or rather attempt to squeez) himself into the small gap between our bed and the wall. Thankfully over the last few mornings it was this magic ‘gap’ that kept him entertained while mummy relieve herself from the craving of extra minutessssssss of Zzzz…

Milk time has been a breeze also. Ryan now willingly holds his own bottle. All I have to do is lay him on a raised pillow, put the hanky and pass him the milk bottle. He will slowly put the teat into his mouth and voila. I just have stay close and continue keeping an argus eye while he drinks his milk happily and fuss free-ly…. Phew~~~*wink wink*

Ryan half asleep here with one hand on bottle, the other on his beloved sleepmate