5 Reasons Why I Blog MeMe

Got a CNY pressie from Sasha. Yeah.. got another tag from her. Hmm.. this is a simple tag question yet tough to answer. Been cracking my head since yesterday to come up with 5 reasons… Actually there’s only one reason why I blogged. It’s all because of Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan and Ryan. So, these 5 reasons below are dedicated to my little monster in hope he would learn to appreciate when he is able to read his mummy’s long winded blog one day..

1) My memory capacity is deteriorating. What to do.. age catching up ma. So I hope maintaining this blog will enable the storage of all the memorable moments, memories (sweet and sour) on raising my little monster. I hope blogger has a BCP on their servers….

2) I hope when Ryan reads the blog about himself one day, he would be able to feel the love we have for him.. you know la.. sometimes it’s very difficult to express our love physically esp when the kids grow. Cannot be all day muaks muaks him, say I love you every single minute. So hopefully, with this he could read and feel the unconditional love that’s surrounding him.

3) Also hope Ryan would learn to appreciate his loved ones (esp mummy.. heehee…)..after knowing how little sleep we get, how many times we woke up a night for his nite nite snackss, how hyper he has been, how he broke mummy’s heart when he crawled to nanny etc etc lor..

4) We hope Ryan would know how much happiness and joy he is bringing into our lives, how many surprises we have had, etc etc.. Inevitably there are a lot of day to day changes and adjustment to life eversince Ryan’s arrival, they are all happy changes and there is no single moment of regrets

5) Aiyoh.. last reason.. erm erm.. really crack head already. Okay la.. final reason is a bit off track but nevermind la.. just wack… By blogging I hope all our family and friends can share, can watch, can be apart of Ryan’s day to day growth. Together we witness Ryan’s growth and development from baby to a handsome man one day….

Voila~~~~~ finally. Hmm..I think I’ll spare everyone this round. No tag from me :P