My Name is Ryan Lim

This is such a looooooong overdue tag that Ryan owes to this hot mama. So here goes…


On the Outside
Name: Ryan Lim (but everyone calls me Yuen Jou wor…)
Date of birth: 16 April
Current status: ZZzzz (sleep typing now.. :P)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Not enough to conclude what is the actual color.. Hmm.. Light Brown I guess..
Righty or Lefty: Popo said lefty cos I always use my left hand to take thing.. Hmm???
Height: Last measured a month ago ard 79cm
Weight: Last measured a month ago 10.3kg

On the Inside
Heritage: Chinese
Fear: When I cannot get what I want.. when mummy show fierce face
Weakness: Sturbbon lor

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: Play play play
Your bedtime: When mummy swicth off lights at night
Your most missed memory: erm, nen-nen days…

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Don’t like fizzy drinks
McDees or Burger King: Never tried…
Single or Group Dates: Group.. so can have many kawayn (friends) ma..
Lipton Tea or Nestea: What’s that??
Chocolate or Vanilla: Mummy fed me her fav strawberry milk shake before.. yummy
Do you…Smoke: Can play one???

In the past month
Drank alcohol: Can I try now??
Gone to the mall: Slurpss… anytime.. Love the malls
Been on stage: No wor…
Eaten sushi: Mummy don’t like sushi, so I also don’t like
Dyed your hair: Hair also don’t have, how to dye?

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: I don’t like, but mummy always strip me…
Changed who you were to fit in: no la.. i am who i am… don’t want to be anyone else..

Finish the sentence
I love: Play time
I hate: To Zzzzz….
I hide: My toys until nobody could find it
I miss: My toys
I need: More toys

Okay,, think most have done so will not be tagging anyone.. :)