An Encounter with Swollen Gland

@ 1 year 1 week 4 days

I got the shock my life on Wednesday when nanny told me there’s a lump in Ryan’s neck. I quickly examined and yes.. sh*t!! Indeed there’s a small lump the size of pea just right below his left ear under his jaw line. I almost went bonkerz. I quickly called hubs summoned him to come home NOW! I started to “think east, think west” (speculate). It doesn’t helped that paed is closed on Wednesdays. So the earliest I could drop in is the next morning.

Ryan was down with a slight fever the day before (38C). So, hubs was pretty sure the lump was merely an enlarged lymph node against the infection. I just wasn’t convinced and certainly do not want to take things for granted. Better be safe than sorry. So, I insisted it is a MUST to go see the paed first thing tomorrow morning. NO OTHER OPTION! Blehh.. *very fierce already*

Reached paed’s office at 8.30am. Ryan was #5 on queue but the first patient to go in cos the rest had gone for breakfast. Heehee.. Anyways, as soon as we walked in, Ryan behaved strangely. He showed an obvious gesture he wasn’t comfortable in the paed’s room. And as soon as the stethoscope landed on his tummy, my poor baby wailed like there’s no tomorrow. Anyways, after a thorough check., paed confirmed the lump is indeed a swollen gland caused by the body’s immune defense against the bug. Instantly I gave a sigh of RELIEF!
Hubs was busy comforting the crying baby when I heard paed uttered the word ‘BUT’….. Huh?? But what????? According to paed, the gland will subside after the antibiotics (3ml Zithromax once a day for 3 days) . However, do not expect an overnight recovery as typically it will take up to 2 weeks for it to go back to its normal size. Aiks.. I seriously thought after medication, *gau dim* (settle) lor.. Paed advised us to continue monitor Ryan’s swollen gland. Importantly is to make sure no multiplication or enlargement to the lump. Pheww~~~
No fever, no cold symptoms, nothing, Ryan is all a-okay. Now we just have to complete his course of antibiotics and hope the swollen gland will reduce to its normal size soon.

Again, hubs said I worried too much. But who wouldn’t right….