Blog Status Update

Eversince I jumped on the PPP-wagon, I’ve become more concious of my blog ranks from various sources. Sigh… but with a PR0, it’s really nothing muh opportunities for me to grab.

But… but…. guess what…

I’ve just checked my blog status just now after getting a message from her about the latest google PR update and that one of her friend’s blog has just been upgraded to PR4 from PR0. So, me also ‘mm chap sue’, fast fast clicked on new browser and goo-checked.

This is my latest blog ranks:

PR : From 0 to 4
Alexa : From 5 mill to 2.5 mill
Technorati : From 3 mill to 35,000

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support in my blog, for your patience and interest in reading about my little Ryan, etcetera, etcetera…. Muaksss… Thank tiy very much,

Pst .. pst.. can do more PPP lor. Heehee.. kidding. This blog is still very much focussed on my little mischievous baby…until further advised. *wink*

Thanks again all~~

Update: Err… I just realised something… my blog has two PR ranks. I have always used and it came out as PR4; but then I realised if I use it’s actually PR3. Hmm… so strange keh? (Psst..psstt..thank goodness .. PPP updated mine as PR4 already.. yoohooooo)