Chicken Pox Immunisation

@ 1 year 1 month 2 weeks

We brought Ryan for his chicken pox immunization last Saturday. He behaved pretty well this time. At least he didn’t cry even when the paed landed his stethoscope on his chest and back (yeah Ryan wailed like there’s no tomorrow the last time paed did that). This time round, the little fella could still stare around the office and pointed to the toy he wants to play with. Phew~~ (I wonder if it’s the doctor game we always play with him, where we will use those plastic stethoscope etc and will role play the doctor/patient game with Ryan) . Anyways, he did wail a bit la when the paed pressed and checked on his tummy. Yet to recover from his lil trauma, he then saw the needle coming, fuiyoh… there goes ‘WAH-WAH-WAH-WAHHHHH’. I think next door shop also could hear his wailing. I seriously believe his lung is as big as an adult. So loud!!!

Thank goodness Ryan’s crying episodes were usually very short-lived. The instant we distract him eg.. “Wah,, look here”, “Wah.. see what’s that” etc.. his focus will be off whatever was troubling him. Phew…

This time round Ryan did not suffer any side effect of the immunization. Paed said chicken pox immunization is not supposed to cause any fever anyways so thank goodness all is good this time (unlike MMR.. Arrghhh)

Height: 80cm, Weight: 10.5kg, HC: 47cm

@ the clinic, lil fella checking out another baby playing in the play house

Mummy with Cold Bug — Part 2

Hubs and I attended my colleague’s wedding dinner at Noble Banquet last Saturday. Actually I wasn’t feeling at par since the morning after inhaling gasoline that accidentally got spilled off when hubs was refueling his car. Arrggh.. so I felt nauseated the whole day. (SSshh.. u think my hubs was trying to kill me?? Muahahaha…. :P)

We put Ryan under MIL’s care that evening. She too has a buffet party to attend at one of the neighbour’s place but she assured us Ryan will be in good hands. There goes, hubs and I went ahead with the dinner. Throughout the dinner, I thought I almost freeze to death. I was shivering and had to leave before the whole session ended. When I got home Ryan was still awake. It’s always like this, if I don’t see the little monster for few hours I’ll have this feeling that I misses him sooooooooooo much (kekeke, not that I don’t miss him other times tho). But hey, I was sick leh. So, cannot play and quickly coaxed the lil fella to sleep. Luckily the whole episode was a bliss. Good boy. :)

(Hubs can never get Ryan to sleep… even if Ryan could smell his Daddy’s presence in the room, he’ll get this burst of energy wanted to play. So Daddy usually has to go out to the living room, play with his Free Cell game until Ryan dozes off to ZZzz-land. Blehhh….)

As for me, there goes my Saturday, Sunday and Monday living with the cold bug. I’m still with a bad cough and flu as I type. I just pray it won’t go anywhere near the little innocent.

Mummy’s Temp: 38.8 when I got back from the wedding dinner. Jialat!! Mummy is no iron lady afterall. Can fall sick too.. Sob sob….

Mummy is down with a cold bug

Aah.. I’m sick I’m sick. My fever was very high over the weekend and still down with a flu and cough now. Sorry, sorry ‘tui pu chi’ you may not see me leave comments on your blog for the time being but I’ll still visit you for sure…..

I’ll be back soon………………………. (hopefully)

Blog of The Day

I was surprised to see MamaBok’s message that my blog is PPP‘s featured “Blog of the Day” for 26 May 2007. Of course I’m thrilled … just not sure how it happened at the first place. Hmm.. think it was a random fluke shot. Anyways, would like to thank PPP for the linky.. If you’re reading this and am new to my blog, I hope you’ll come back ya. For my baby Ryan’s existing supporters, welcome back. :D

Little Mischievous Baby

@ 1 year 1 month 1 week 2 days

I was doing my laptop housekeeping last night and I came across this video of Ryan taken on the 19 May recently. When I said he is one cheeky, mischievous little one, I really mean it. The video was taken when he was watching the Teletubbies on the TV. I didn’t realise he was actually looking at me thru the corner of his eyes until I replayed the video. Though Ryan’s face remained stagnant throughout the video, his eyes were definitely not. I wonder what’s on my baby’s mind – probably thinking what is wrong with this mummy, everyday want to take picture of me.. Heehee….

Take note: @ 8secs, 11secs, 25 secs.

(WARNING: PLEASE MUTE YOUR VOLUME. Owner bear no responsibilities of any consequences for not adhering to the warning. Blehhh…)

After reading some suggestions and comments on my earlier post, last night I decided to put the little kulingchingkwai on his hi chair. This is how he reacted to the confinement….. (like little king or not???) *slap head*