Expensive Dinner

I hope I am not turning this blog into a ranting blog but really can’t helped it. It’s the weekend so hubs suggested we to dine out yesterday evening. We went to Ngee Ann City as I wanted to get more Brainy Baby CDs for Ryan. As usual, the place was packed with people. Restaurant Q was as long as ever. So we walked a bit further down and saw this Teochew restaurant that has no Q in front. We knew either the restaurant food sucks or it’s one hefty bill one has to pay. But after deliberated for awhile we decided to give it a shot la. Hungry already ma. So in the restaurant we dined. The captain recommended a few dishes. All sounded exotic of course. So we picked a few dishes (1 fish, 1 BBQ pork and 1 vege, 1 soup, 3 glasses of leongsui to be precise) and the bill came up to a shocking:

Yes. It’s SGD169.49!!!!. That’s RM390!!! The small little tasteless Garoupa alone costed SGD72. Veryyyyyy…. ‘sum toong’. Sob sob… I can buy 10 Brainy Baby CDs with that amount. Today I asked Linda to cook at home. Hubs deserved some good home cooked food and lo foh tong (soup). Frankly her cooking definitely taste much better than Imperial’s and cheaper for sure.

Isetan Private Sale

Isetan Private Sale – Members and Guests ONLY

I confessed. When I received the above I knew I was going for it. I admit, I’m a kiasu greedy cat but it’s only natural that when a woman sees this one will be tempted to go right. I was no exceptional. So I texted MalaikaMommy and we agreed to meet on Thursday which was yesterday to sapu the goodies together gether.

Ryan woke up from his nap at 3.30pm (an hour earlier than his usual.. as if knowing we have a place to go) and happily we packed and together with Linda and headed straight to our destination – Isetan Scotts. MM was on the way. So I went in and I got a shock when I saw the crowd. Soooooooooo many people. Anyways, I headed straight to the children’s department as I have prioritise to get Ryan some new Brainy Baby DVDs. I was really disappointed. First there was whole bunch of OLs (how come they don’t have to work???) crowding the CD section, picking this, flipping that, one hand holding a few, the other searching for more..I actually walked around for a bit and infact picked a toy for Ryan. Then I peeped at the cashier, the Q was like ‘mo lui kong kum cheong’ (super long Q). I gave up. Definitely not a place I want to be especially with a baby. Alone, I don’t mind. I can.. Heehee…
So we dashed down and I called MM again. Poor her.. She was stucked at Marriott (opposite the road). Taxi stopped her there. How could the driver be so irresponsible to just drop a mother with a baby and stroller opposite the road of their intended destination? MM, complain! Blehh… The weather was not kind to us either. It started to drizzle. My plans to go Taka went down drain too. I decided to go home instead and poor MM did not get to Isetan either. But trust me MM, you did not miss a thing. You’ll get drowned inside.
Aaaghhh.. moral of the story. Don’t attempt any pre sale esp with a baby. You may end up like me, spent $20 for cab to merry go round the city, came back tired and empty handed. Sigh….. but hor.. I noticed people here can really shop at office hours!!!! Geng!


*Drum roll* *Drum roll*

Inconjunction with our physical move to Singapore, I’m also annoucing our official virtual move to our own domain http://www.etceteramommy.com/blog/ Please do visit us at our new home ya… Still a lot needs to be done on the new blog but .. bear with me. Still trying to get the hang of using WP.

Ps: Oh… what about this blog? Will still maintain it…*wink* it’ll be my official ‘wansek’ (cari makan) ka-chang. :P

See you all and please update your link ya. Muaks!!

Cure the Chronic Dry Skin

I never had any major problems with my skin. I mean I do get flushed and my skin will turn red easily under sunlight but that’s about it. As such my skincare range is pretty pathetic. I only have a cleanser and moisturiser. I know I need to put in more care as biological clock is ticking but .. as usual, procrastination win over all the time.

So when my skin condition flared up on me right after a few days we came to Singapore (think I was allergic to something..), I became really desperate, upset and moody. I applied moisturiser day and night but no sign of improvement. Not a bit! I was really really melting then.. I mean, already I was in a state of breaking down because of all these uprooting changes et al, and yet my hair, my face too was sooooo ‘mm teng wah’ (giving me probs). Sigh….

What happened? I blogged about my hair being so horribly dry thanks to my itchy bum to go for rebonding before I came to Singapore. If that’s not bad enough, actual fact is, it was not only my hair that was in dire state. My face too!! It started with a small red dry patch on my right cheek, then slowly spreaded from one side to another then to my chin and it is a matter of time to get to my forehead. I was seriously worried. I was already checking for specialist’s contact when miracle came!

Hubs had a conference in Phuket 2 weeks back and as usual he came back as santa claus. Ryan and I each has a gift. Ryan’s a robot and yippeee… I received ‘miracle water’ as gift (that shows how jialat my face was for hubs to get me skincare!!). So much has been said about this miracle water but I have not been a fan. Expensive la… But I must say I have been diligently using it for the last 2 weeks (never failed day and night) and complement it with hydrating mask on alternate days (bought from Bodyshop). Terra… after 3 days my skin showed remarkable improvement. No joke. It is miracle water indeed. (Pst.. And this is not a sponsored post). So, if you’re having chronic dry skin due to whatsoever reason and you’re just short of seeing a skin specialist give this water and hydrating mask a shot. It work wonders!!!! Lesson learnt: I must not take my skin for granted. Must take care.. knowing I am not 18 – 22 anymore. Bleh….

How the Babies Have Blossomed

@ 17 months 1 week

I have known MalaikaMommy for 10 years. We were uni mates, flat mates, we went diving together and coincidentally we even shared the same pregnancy due date which was 24th April 2006. We actually joked that we would likely be giving birth next to each other and could hear the screaming across the labour room :P . Anyways, “mo kum kiu keh….”(no such coincidence), I gave birth to Ryan 8 days earlier and Malaika came to the world on 22nd April.

Time has not been always on our side since the arrival of our babies. So we probably only met up 4 times (exclude the time we bumped into each other at Mid Valley) since the last 17 months. The most recent being last Tuesday when I visited her and she came over my place following Thursday so the two Ariens could rekindle their little friendship. Time really flies.. The last time the met was back in Feb07 during the CNY and check out the pics. They have blossomed from chubby babies to slimmy healthy toddlers now…. (as much as i enjoy being with a more interactive Ryan now, I do miss his innocent baby days)

Taken June2006 when the parents bumped into each other at Mid Valley

Taken in Aug2006

Taken in Feb2007

Taken 18 Sept 2007

Taken 20 Sept 2007. Both their eyes glued to the TV (think it was Barney show)

Speaking of Barney, we bought lil Ryan a Barney toy. He has not always been a fan of soft toys but this little purple dinasour is indeed special. This is how much he adores the lil dinasour…

Little kiss from Ryan to the purple dinasour


Other sembang sembang….

I am one happy SAHM since last Friday? Why? Because in laws were here and they brought along Linda. Yes yes.. my maid from KL and she will stay with us until Raya which by then my new maid will be here. Yoohoo~~~

I hurt my back last Friday and it got so bad that I was limping and could barely move around. I’m much better today and I hope nothing serious happened to my back. Whatever it is… now I could sit in front of my laptop, TV and seriously enjoy some meme time.