S$5 Chicken Rice

I’m really speechless about my maid. I asked her to go buy two packs of chicken rice from a nearby kopitiam and gave her $10. Period. Pretty straight forward instruction right?

After a while she came back and I opened up my chicken rice and saw wow.. so much (rice and chicken meat). Can feed an elephant (ok.. exaggerated but it’s really a lot). I was a little surprised but never thought much about it and continued eating. Maybe uncle seller miang, likes my maid so much and gave more chicken?? Don’t care la. Eat first. :P

Later I asked my maid, how much is the chicken rice (there are two serving, small $2.50, big $3.00). The last time I asked her to buy, I instructed her to buy two small packs @ 2.50 each. So this time round I thought maybe she forgot and bought the $3 per pack instead.

Then to my dismay, my horror, my surprise, my curiousity, my my my holy sh-it… she said it’s $5 per pack. OMG!!!!! I said how come so expensive. I knew prices soared up etc but 100% hike on chicken rice is simply not possible. Hak sei yan meh???

I repeated after her “$5 per pack???” I looked at her (trying to control my cool for having such a blur sotong maid) and kept mum. Next, she has the cheek to said these to me “Ooo.. yea… last time $2.50. Sorry mom, I told him $5″. Now I’m curious. There were way too much chicken for a $2.50 price tag but may be too little for $5 too. (Putting on CSI cap) Maybe she telan my $5 by sacrificing some of her chickens and gave the meat to me? I really don’t know and I don’t want to be judgemental. All these while, she has been pretty honest and trustworthy.

See, I’m so geram (furious) not because of the money. Afterall, it’s just a small amount. But I want the truth. I can tolerate having a blur sotong maid, but I will not accept a dishonest person in the house. I’m about to take my nap now before I grill her further later. I’m good at grilling for answers… after 16 years of training on my hubs. Kakakakaaka….