About my maid…

Muahahahahaa… my maid never failed to amuse me. Maybe she feels I’m too bored at home and in dire need of some entertainment.

I asked her to go to the coffeeshop again to buy me lunch. In view of her blunder the last time, I decided to write down the instructions on paper after briefing her what I want. She threw away the paper already so I can’t take a pic of it. But the message was as clear as below:

1) Carrot Cake – less chili – small – approximately $2 (cos I do not know the price)


2) Chicken rice – small – @2.50

Pretty straight forward. But like I said she never failed to entertain me until the extent I find her naively blur and quite funny. :P

I only gave her $10 and she came back with ‘yat chau yee lang’ (bags of food) I thought nothing about it until when I walked to the dining table where the food was served, I saw two servings of lunch?? A closer look I saw – a packet of carrot cake AND chicken rice. Aiyyoooo.. my maid. Aiyoyo… Dem joker la!

** To give her some credits, besides the occassional blunder, she can do her work pretty well (a bit slow but that’s fine. I don’t have a bus to catch), and importantly she adores Ryan and Ryan likes her too so I guess she cannot be too horrible for a person who loves kids.