I was a vain pot…

Hormone changes in me during my 10 months pregnancy were truly profound. Flashing back, I seriously do not know how could I be so vain?? Seriously vain vain vain. I just had this gush of dire need to look pretty and be accessorised all the time. Some say, if you’re preggie with a baby boy, the mother-to-be tends to be more vain and the skin will glow wor… I don’t know about the glowing part but I was seriously 100% top vain pot. Some of the things I would do:

- On workdays, I would sacrifice my sleep, woke up earlier in the morning so to straighten my hair (well my hair is actually considered very straight but I was so particular about being tidy that I must use the straightener for that extra smooth and silky hair).
- I had two earrings on each ear. One is a diamond stud so I hardly change but I’ll make sure my second earring (color, design) matches my clothes of the day.
- I put on full make up with mascara, lip liner, blusher, eye shadows etc. I will feel ‘na-ked’ if I go to work without all these paint on my face.
- I would buy new maternity clothes almost every week. If I don’t get to buy anything that week, I’ll be very upset. I just had to had something new.. blouse, pants, skirt, dress, whatever….
- Pedicure, Manicure is a must must must. I try not to be seen wearing the same nail color for 2 consecutive weeks.

and others others…..

The post pregnancy changes in me weren’t so apparent before I became a full time stay at home mom (after our move to Singapore). After delivery, I recovered from the vain pot syndrome. I no longer feel sorry for myself if I don’t look pretty or accessorised that day or if I woke up with a bad hair day. I still put in my bestest effort to dress well and look good of course. I still have to make a living. Err.. cannot go work looking like a zombie right.

Today, after 3 months of being a full time stay at home mom, I became such a minimalist. I still try to look my best but I’ve grown out of the need to put such heavy duty make up when I go out. Of course in front of hubs, or when we go out pat-toh, I try to dress up a bit la. Singapore is not too big. In case we bump into somebody we know, they won’t snuggle behind our backs and start gossiping how come so and so’s wife looks like a maid. Plus, I still wanna have No.2 leh… of course must look good and seeexxxyyy when hubs is around right? You agree or not? Blehhh….