Do you think your child has the look?

This article came out in the local paper a couple days back. It appeared like any other normal stories that covers the profile of child models (aka child babes) right? Wonder why they have to use the word “babes”… macam Baywatch babes. :P Anyways, check out the front page.

Nothing speacial right. Look closely…..


Yes. One assignment easily $3000 (that’s like RM7k) which probably only requires a couple of hours’ work. More than what an average working person could earn in a month. Slurpsss… Jealous leh… same here lor. Too bad my son doesn’t have ‘meng seng’ look else I can start shaking leg at home counting monies. Now, my dream of becoming a ‘seng ma’ (star mommy) is pretty much smashed. BUT… if you think your sweetie boy / daughter has the look then no harm giving it a shot. Let me know.. I give you the agency name ya..

Oopss.. does this sound like a spon sored post?? Muahahahaa.. go figure……