WAH…. nice nice…

Slurps… Read about this nice bling bling usb drive on the mag recently. It’s an in-thing here now. Cool huh. It’s a necklace with Swaroski crystals. Will definitely make up a good gift this season but erm.. just too ex… EUR148 for a 1GB drive. Mmm… nice to see, nice to hold, but not when you see the price it witholds. Ceh….

Christmas Christmas…

@ 20 months 1 week 5 days

Parents in law were in town for the Christmas. We don’t really celebrate Christmas, well… erm, we did la… celebrate the holidays. This year, again no exception. On Christmas day we decided to stay away from the Orchard crowd and went to Sentosa Island instead. Visited UnderwaterWorld and Dolphin Show. To sum up the visit in one word is not easy but 2 words yes… “EXPENSIVE” & “BORING”.

@ UnderwaterWorld. There were a few big fishes, stingrays, baby sharks, crabs and that’s pretty much about it. $20 entry fee per pax is really quite pricey. One could finish touring the acquariums in less than 20mins.

Ryan evidently bored with the amateur dolphin show

That night we were invited to attend Christmas party at cuz’ place. As usual, Ryan had loads of fun……

…. on Boxing Day

I noticed a cut at the side of Ryan’s left eye as soon as I came out from shower. I questioned Loida and she gave me a surprise look and said she had not noticed it earlier until I mentioned. I was really really angry. I sounded Loida for making calls to her friends not long ago (gave her permission to call “HOME” so she can greet her parents merry christmas but in addition to her parents, she ended up calling her friend at Lucky Plaza, her agent etc too. Total 4 calls!!!) and now she disappointed me for being so ignorant. Of course many assumptions ran through my mind, she could be the culprit, she could be not. Anyways, without proof it’s too early to jump into conclusion.

Ouch! My heart aches when I see that. So obvious right………. sobs

I think I need surveillance at home!!!


Christmas Celebration….

We didn’t really celebrate Christmas this year, not that we did in previous years though. Nonetheless, we did buy pressies for our lil one, nephew and niece inconjunction with the Xmas party held at cuz’ place.

2 days after Christmas, “mo mo liu liu” I sent hubs this sms:

and this was his reply:

well, the bag he mentioned was actually bought 4 months ago…………… :(
Sighhh… MEN!

Oopss… x, 1x, 20 months now!

@ 20 months 1 day 

I’m back!

We just came back from a short vacation? Where to? KL lor.. Muahahahahaha… It’s year end and hubs’ been asked to clear his block leave. Well, of all places why KL for vacation? Well, we were actually contemplating if we should go for some exotic holiday or go just shoot back to home sweet home in KL. It didn’t take me too long to decide on the latter. I really miss home. So KL off we went where we stayed for some good 6 days.

The last week or so……..

Ryan turned 20 months. This time round, I’m stucked with his milestones. I do not know where to start or rather how to start. He’s growing taller, naughtier, cheekier, as the day goes by. And his current favourite phrase is “Oh Oo“. He’ll go “Oh Oo..mei yo mum mum” “Oh Oo.. No… ” literally “Oh Oo…“ for his mischief, for excitement, for surprises, everything infact.

Ryan has also been particularly cranky over the last few weeks. He whined and threw tantrums for the most trivial thing, such that if I do not put back his ziraffe at ‘the’ spot he had wanted it to be. *slap head*

Two days back we discovered he had a white dot on the side of his mouth. That probably explains his recent crankiness. It has been days since he had a proper brush on his teeth. He whined as soon as he saw me with his toothbrush. Well, considering he’s having an ulcer I’ll spare him for now. Let’s see how it goes in a few days’ time.

@ Crystal Jade Meal, Pavillion


Guess what… we get to watch Michael Wong (Guang Liang) while dining at the restaurant. It was inconjunction with Red Box’s launch party. He sang 3 songs (only). All new songs…… No ‘tong hua’ which hubs was hoping for…


Wonder what father and son were looking at… (checking out some chicks maybe..hehe)

Back in Singapore………..

I signed up for a promo studio package for $100 couple weeks back and the shoot had been scheduled for 14 Dec (Friday). It was a real good deal. Ryan, as usual, started off good but was rather cranky towards the end of the session. Thank goodness we had a good photographer. He was very patient and did all the funny gestures just to get “Master Cranky” to smile in front of the lens. All in all, he managed to capture 170 picture in an hour’s session. Of course not all 170 were good shots, but we managed to get a handful which are not too bad (those that don’t reveal too much of my thunder arm and thigh….). I still don’t have time to filter all of them. A few that I managed to snip out…

Some great shots @ studio


Oops.. do I looked pregnant? I’m not okay… :P


That’s all for now. Merry Christmas to everyone…………….

"NO" to Shopping

I had my worst gastric attack last night. We were at Mid Valley for dinner when the pain really got up my head. I can barely walk, I can’t talk, I can’t eat (not even my fav salted egg prawns), I can’t do anything without curling myself up for the pain was just too much to bear. So when hubs asked if I still wanna go check out the Gardens, unwillimgly I said NO. Sobss… Imagine, I even went shopping when I was suffering from labour contractions (every 20 mins then). The only other time I said no to shopping was probably during my 1st trimester when I was suffering from severe morning sickness. So one could imagine how chronic the pain was………….sigh.

We headed straight to the clinic after MV. Apart from getting a jab and some medication, I also got this……

Hehehe…. when the doc asked me if I need a MC, I had the cheek to say YES. Muahahahahaha… so by right today I should get a day off from my ‘job’ hor… :P