Paiseh to show your feet?

Have you ever felt embarassed to take off your shoes because of those ugly cracked heels?

I do lor.

Nah.. Not that my feet are so badly cracked nor they are sooooooooo ‘mm kin tak yan’ but tell me, who doesn’t want baby skin smooth heels right? Moreover chinese new year is around the corner. I want to go pai nin. I cannot be wearing shoes into other people’s house, I cannot ensure I’ll have stockings all the time. So I told myself last week, it’s time to put some effort on it.

So off I went….. jalan jalan and popped into Guardian (again! my favourite store.. I just love checking out the pharmacies.. ) then I found this….

Needless to say, it works. Well, it’s not magic cream and I still don’t have that baby smooth heels like my son’s (blekkk) but it does show a drastic improvement.

In case you’re wondering, sorry.. no ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture here.

Ha ha..

Fun @ Botanical

@ 21 months 2 weeks

Ryan @ the picnic session, Botanical Garden
Organised by Julia Gabriels 

Picture speaks thousand words….

In case you’re wondering.. the shot was taken right after he threw a ball up…


That’s the ball…




I actually quite like this pic…




This is Verlynne, Ryan’s classmate from Shichida’s.. Ryan likes to play with her all the time. Isn’t she adorable…


This shot was taken in the morning after shower. In deep thoughtssss…..


Prevention againts the number #1 killer

I lost a friend to heart disease many years ago. We were not bestest of buddies but we always hang out together after work hours just to get the stress out.

She may not have led the healthiest lifestyle but she came as an ordinary person with ordinary living habits. So when we found out about her passing, we were in shocked. I still remember when we attended her wake, her mother was sharing with us the importance of a healthy lifestyle; eat healthy and stay healthy. It was very sad to hear.

It has been so long that the memory of her kinda faded; until I saw Campbell’s Go Red’s banner which highly publicise the goal of American Heart Association’s Go Red movement; of which reminds me of her. Suddenly I have this urge to spread the awareness of heart disease prevention – all with positive actions and efforts to take care and reduce the risk of heart ailments.

I’m no angel but I’m sharing this in hope with this little awareness out, it helps save a life. What about you?

Counting down to Chinese New Year

@ 21 months 1 week 6 days

We’re leaving for KL this Saturday and will be back the following Sunday. Yes, we’ll be celebrating the chinese new year back in our home sweet home.  Am sooooo looking forward to the trip and I’m already compiling a long list of To-Dos in KL. Yay!

Over the weekend besides a revisit to the zoo, I have finally gotten my hands on the Nikon D40x kit. Yippee.. I’ve taken a fair bit of random indoor pics and it is sure one tricky effort to get the shutter and aperture combination right. Am still working on it…  Those that I have bugged for tipsi (tips), thanks and bear with me ya….. Have not taken any outdoor shots, somehow the weather and timing does not allowed the past 2 days. Hopefully can get some good shots during Ryan’s picnic session at the botanical tomorrow. 

Till then, here’s to wish everyone who is celebrating the new year a VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and also a great HOLIDAY for all my non chinese readers …..

Another Hair Cut

@ 21 months 1 week 2 days

I always dread the day I have to bring Ryan for a hair cut. The last time he had a hair cut 2 months ago he got so hysterical and traumatised that even his favourite Vitagen won’t stop his tears and pitiful cries. It was a very heart breaking experience for all of us.

Last Sunday, the day has come. The lil fella needs another trim prior the chinese new year. So off we went to the salon. This time, we brought along his toys, trains, bus, excavator etc. Daddy had his cut first while I settle and calm the lil fella. He was a little skeptical at first and he kept staring at his Daddy while I explain to him the process so he’s better prepared of what’s coming next. After awhile he was able to relax and was happily seen playing with his toys.

His turn came. Expectedly he started to wriggle and whine. No distractions, toys, anything could calm him down at this point of time. The hairdressor managed to snips bits of hair here and there but it just wasn’t good enough to complete the whole process. I don’t want Ryan’s hair to look like dog bite; especially not during the festive season. Towards the end we got really frustrated ourselves. So we were in between using force to restrain him or simply give up. We chose the later.

After the snipping stops, Ryan finally calmed down. The hairdressor gave his last effort. He combed Ryan’s hair and kept telling Ryan we’re just combing his hair. Surprisingly that trick seems to work a bit. Comb-snips-comb-snips, the cycle went along. Well, Ryan was still crying but at least he remained still this time which makes the job so much easier. The whole thing was such a pitiful sight. Have you seen a child hugging tight, head resting on the mommy’s shoulder and kept calling ‘mommy, mommy, go…. ‘ pitifully? That’s exactly how Ryan reacted. I feel really sorry for him that I almost come to tears myself. Why hair cuttting has to be such a painful experience? Poor baby. Any good advise, anyone?

Anyways…. after a heart breaking episode, this is the end result….



















Damage to the pocket: $12