Better deal online?

I bought a dslr camera a couple months back. As much as I love the pictures that came out from it I still find it a tad bit bulky compare to my compact digital camera. So I told myself maybe I should get a handy compact camera for everyday use. I’ve been researching a fair bit and pretty much laid my eyes on the new Sony W300i. I went till the extent of playing around with it physically at a Sony shop and I must say the picture quality was pretty amazing. It’s really hard to control myself from not buying but I bite my lips and left the shop empty handed as  I knew I should hold on to research a bit more on the prices from online stores that usually offers much more attractive prices on electronic goods such as notebook and cameras. I’m hoping I could get a good deal from there and get my hands on the camera soon!

25 months

@ 25 months 6 days

He broke the record when he was down with illness on and off for 3 weeks straight and seeing 3 different doctors each time. Not exactly a record of glory any parent would want for their kid for sure! Started with throat infection, teething, then throat infection again to morazella (from his swap result, apparently some nasty flu bacteria) plus an ear infection. My heart was shattered. Luckily he’s now back to normal and he finally got his Hep A dose 2 jab on Tuesday.

Weight: 13kg
Height: 90cm

Generally Ryan is a goofy, happy go lucky boy with a smile on his face all most of the time. I remember those days when I was stilla FTWM, Ryan’s smile was what I was always looking forward to see every night after work. Though he wasn’t missing me that much then, but to see that big smile on his face was priceless.

He’s very vocal now.. speaking in full sentence most of the time with his trademark high pitched tone. It’s really funny. It gets even more hilarious especially when he sings. We usually go through the story telling, songs etc during bedtime. His favourite songs (London Bridge in Falling Down, Skidamarink, Row Row Row Your Boat and Thomas). Each time I tried hard not to laugh (don’t want to discourage him) but it’s so funny that usually we’ll both end up laughing each time he hits the note.  (Ryan, you may not be a musical prodigy but mommy still loves you to pieces. :D)

His cuiousity is what’s getting more and more intolerable these days. His fav sentence now is “I wanna see what’s ??? doing” (??? – can be anyone). If his wish is not fulfilled, there goes the thunder in the house / car. 

Incident: We were on the road from Singapore to KL last Saturday morning when for no prior indication he insisted he wants to hold mommy’s hand. I was driving so there was no way I could hold his hands. What pursued thereafter was totally unbearable. He screamed, wailed, wriggled,.. everything and kept saying “I wanna see what’s mommy doing”. After one hour, I just couldn’t bear it and had to pull over for a pit stop. I thought by allowing Ryan to be on the driver’s seat, play with the steering for awhile would pacify him. I was wrong. Totally wrong. He cont’ed his antics. Daddy was ultra angry by then and dragged the poor fella aside and started giving him lectures. I have not seen Daddy been so fierce on Ryan. It’s the first time Daddy lost his temper. He must be very disturbed by Ryan’s hour long wailing.

Ryan, on the other hand was still crying non stop. He appeared inconsolable and were ramblings words we couldn’t decipher. Poor baby.. he was crying too much for too long. I feel really sorry for Ryan. Broke my heart when Daddy punished him but we were simply at wits end not knowing what he wants. My senses got me finally. Just couldn’t bear the scoldings. Frankly what was on our mind? What makes us believe scolding a 2 yo in public would make the latter understand and stop crying? I grabbed Ryan from Daddy’s (so drama right) and tried sweet talking him instead. Ryan cont’ed his crying and wants to go back to his car seat. Bribed him with yogurt drinks before we decided to cont our journey. For the record.. he cont’ed to cry after his drinks. Give up. Terrible 2? Still recovering? I don’t know.

A little fake smile there when I shot this….


The face seconds before he freaked out and wants to THROW my camera away


When he’s not in a foul mood…..


Happy Mother’s Day

@ 24 months 3 weeks 5 days

Thanks for all the well wishes. Ryan’s much better today, no fever, no flu, all looks good. Nonetheless, we spotted loose tools twice today but paed pre empted it’s pretty normal with Augmentin which he will complete the course in another 5 days. I hope and pray he’ll fully recover and be given a clean bill of health when we visit the paed this coming Friday to make sure his ear infection is totally healed.

It’s a boring Mother’s Day. No card, no pressie, no dinner, no mood, nothing. I began to feel my butt is permanently glued to the sofa / bed. Hehe.. okay, a bit of exxageration there but it has been days since Ryan is grounded at home for the sake of his full recovery and I’m feeling extremely helpless.

When chewlee‘s bro dropped by earlier to pick up chewlee’s stuff, I jokingly teased Ryan that korkor’s here to catch mommy. Gosh.. that resulted in endless stickiness and crankiness thereafter. I cannot even have my dinner without the little fella demanding comfort from me. I’m not complaining. Matter of fact I missed his affections. *blushed*

During bedtime, as usual he started his drama all over again. Insisted he wants to go out and play. I switched off the lights anyway and predictably he started wailing. I passed him his milk and pretended to cry myself. Then I asked him…

Mommy: *sobbing* You don’t sayang mommy anymore? You don’t want to stay here with mommy? *cont sobbing*
Ryan: Mommy… (Turn to me and gave me a big hug… then a big muaks. Ouch… feel so in love).
Mommy: (Wanted more) *sobbing* Mommy go out now, okay?
Ryan: No! No! No! (shaking big No No with his index finger and cuddled next to me)
Mommy: (Beaming silently in dark. Hehehe….)

…… a moment of silent was what it takes for him to doze off to Zzzz-land. Poor baby, must have been really tired. I switched on the side lamp, looking at the little face of my son, ouchhh… I feel soooo utterly sweeeeeeeeet.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. It’s not a bad celebration for me afterall… hope you gals had fun yourself. *smile*

Now What??

24 months 3 weeks 2 days

Ryan was down with a fever again yesterday afternoon. Though mild (37.7C), that was sufficient enough for me to raise the alarm bell. I mean, how could he be sick again? On and off fever for the last 13 days is not normal. Last night I barely sleep so to monitor his temperature. Just before he slept I administered suppository to break his fever (38.4C) and also in hope for him to have a good night sleep. Luckily it worked. He was tossing about but temp remained under control (< 38C).  Not surprisingly I barely sleep considering I’m always a Mat Worried. I was so determined I must must must bring him go see a paed the first thing in the morning.

This morning Ryan woke up with no fever but I insisted to bring him to the paed at Paragon Medical, highly recommended by my cuz. To my much relief, after a thorough check he confirmed Ryan is down with a middle ear infection. Well, not that it is any good news but at least it’s nothing too serious. No wonder I’ve seen him scratching his ears quite a number of times. Poor baby. So many infections in the last 2 weeks, throat, flu, cough, teething, throat again then now ear infection. Sigh. Poor Ryan had been through so much in the last 2 weeks. He has never been sick for such a long period of time before. His appetite is average but milk intake is normal (phew) and of course still active as ever.

I wanted to find out more on multi vits, immune booster supplements for Ryan but looks like this doc strongly discourages young toddlers being dependant on it. We had a long chat as he was trying to find out more of our family medical background for better diagnosis. He suspect Ryan may have gotten Daddy’s bad genes (tonsilitis, near ashmatic history). He explained kids with underlined sensitive nose tends to get sick easier esp. throat infection/ear infection. Pitiful. 

Ryan’s on another course of Augmentin antibiotics. This time for 7 days. Paed consultation is very expensive in Singapore. We paid SGD$200 for this visit. I hope it’s well worth and Ryan will get better SOON. Have to go get another pack of Vitagen now. I wanna cry.


Pics taken after paed’s visit. Poor boy. Already so skinny, now skinnier. To cheer up the lil fella, he received a surprise gift from this korkor.
Thank you so much. The gift sure brought a little smile back on his face.