Aspiring Singer??

@ 26 months 1 week 1 day

The V-Smile educational video console also comes with a mic. Occasionally Ryan would request us to play his fav song (when you’re happy and you know it) and he will naturally grab the mic and start singing his song.

Yesterday was like any other day, he grabbed the mic and sang………..

*totally focussed*


*beaming with smile*










and then










*Adoi~~~without a doubt, totally into it*


@ 26 months

@ 26 months


Ryan was extremely difficult to handle during the first few weeks of last month. He was unreasonable, cranky, throwing tantrums like every other minute. Tucking him in bed had been a struggle every time without fail. Every night I had to drag him into the room. Poor baby, for the first two weeks he never fell asleep without tears in his eyes. Nap time was no better. Thank goodness that did not last long. 2 weeks ago, his temperament took a change for the better. He has been so angelic and goofy now that he’s constantly putting a smile on everyone’s face with the things he does and says. He is such a happy kid now.

Ryan showed us his best behaviour lately. No more crying during bed time now.  No more fussing about going out of the room despite being not sleepy. He understand when it’s dark outside, he needs to sleep. Occassionally when he wakes up for his night feed (around 5am lately) he doesn’t fuss to go out of the room anymore because he knows when it’s still dark it literally means oi-oi time. If he’s still awake after his milk, he knows how to sleep on his own. Once in a while he will call on mommy or daddy and wanted us to talk to him but we just have to ignore him and slowly he’ll doze off to sleep by himself. When Ryan wakes up in the morning, first thing he will do is to look out the window and scream “Mommy got sun, wake up. Can play!” He is sure happy to see the sun. 

When we pass by the guard house, Ryan will salute to the guards without fail. He will ask mommy to wind down the window so he could do his salutation. Once he’s done, he will say “Good Job” to himself.

Ryan’s fingers training are getting better. He’s able to hold a pencil the right way (left handed), able to draw circles and follow dotted lines to draw alphabets and numbers without assistance. Although sometimes the drawings are still not perfect, ie not a perfect round, neither perfect squares and the lines he drew were out of dots especially the difficult alphabets but he’s showing remarkable improvement comparing to last month when his patience was at bottom low.

He’s able to tell our mood by looking at our facial expressions. When I show him an angry look. He will say ‘Mommy, angry face’ while pointing to my face. When I pretend cry, he will show a panicked face, come forward to stroke my hair (he will say ‘sayang mommy’), kiss my cheek/forehead and give me a big hug and say ‘sorry mommy’. (Hehee.. how to be angry). 

I like to hear this…  “Ryan, you sayang mommy or sayang daddy”. His default answer is “Mommy!”. Then I’ll ask again. “Ryan, you sayang daddy or kakak”. His reply “Mommy!”. Ngek ngek ngek.. I am sure a happy mommy. He sure knows how to bodek (malay: please) his mommy.

When we ask Ryan a question that requires him to make a decision, his answer will surely starts with the words ‘how about…..’. Eg. ‘Ryan, which one do you want?’, his answer would be “How about this one?” or “Ryan, do you want to draw?”, he will reply “How about play games”

In terms of speech development. Ryan still speaks in baby soft but squeaky tone. His stuttering has descreased dramatically. I am so relieved. We are now able to hold a decent conversation with him and he is able to reply sensibly using his own digestion and understanding of the question we ask him.

Ryan is half toilet trained. He hasn’t had any poo poo accidents in the last 4 months. He is able to tell us when he needs bowel movement and able to hold it until he is fully seated on his booster seat on the adult WC. Will have to start his wee wee training soon.

Ryan is a picky eater. Still not eating table food. No preference with fruits. When he sees us eating chocolate, cookies, biscuits so forth, he’ll say we are eating ‘junk food’. 

The highlight of the month was definitely of what happened during the Father’s Day celebration. We were at a restaurant and I reminded Ryan to say ‘Happy Yeh Yeh Day’. He didn’t say the sentence I taught him, instead he said “YEHYEH, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!” . YehYeh was beaming throughout the dinner. So did we. :D

That’s all about Ryan @ 26 months

One of the rare occassions he used his right hand to draw


*Cardiac Arrest*

Many years back I accompanied my cousin to the medical centre for cardiac stress test.  She had been complaining of chest pain then and was worried sick about the possibility of a heart attack or cardiac arrest.  We were worried sick of her. During the visit, she was put on a series of test to assess her heart’s ability to withstand the various physical activities. Much to everyone’s relief, the results came out normal. But due to the family history of heart ailment, she’s required to go for checkup on an annual basis. I’m so glad things are all good for her.

He stutters….

@ 25 months 3 weeks 2 days

I couldn’t help but to notice that Ryan started stuttering his words since couple days back. It normally occurs with the first word of the sentence or when his speaks in long winded sentences.

Fortunately the occurences have been sporadic so far and usually only occurs when he was trying to convey too many things at too fast of a speed. Very kancheong boy (anxious)

Eg Ryan will attempt to say the full long setence at one go:

Ma, Ma, mommy open this.. baby want (to) see. Baby want (to) read this

“Dad, Dad, Daddy come.. come here. Baby want to play this, come play…”

“Mommy nice junk food.. Babe Baby want junk food, nice” – anything that is not proper meal is junk food to him. Hahaha..

… I know it’s not alarming (yet) and may not be as bad as I had feared but it does bother me. I admit I even considered the option of seeing a speech therapist but hubs brushes it off saying I was kiasu over concerned and that it could just be part of a growing phase.  So I searched the net where I found some assurances…

Apparently it is common for kids age between 2 – 5 years old to stutter certain words, syllabus or sentences and that it will eventually go away in days/months/ weeks. Err ya ka?? Anyways, I don’t remember reading any parent’s blog about their kids stuttering and I’m not sure either if  hubs / me stuttered when we were younger so I guess my concerns were not entirely baseless (right)? Mmm..

Anyway, accordingly to the articles we are discouraged to make a big deal out of it esp in front of the child so to not discourage them from learning to speak. Meaning we are not supposed to correct them. Oh dear.. okay, I try.

I remember when Ryan was 18 months old, I was worried about him not speaking much. Now at 25 months, I’m worrying about him speaking too much too fast until he stutters. Really not easy becoming a parent eh?

My two boys, enjoying a game here. Wishing everyone a Happy Dumpling Festival too. :D

It all started with this….

@ 25 months 2 weeks 6 days

Ultraman PJs….

Ryan woke up one day refusing to get changed. He was in foul mood, which is by no surprise to me lately. Full of new antics everyday. Anyway, that particular day he insisted of wearing this Ultraman PJs (well, it’s not exactly an ultraman but it’s the closest resemblance I could think of) the whole day and nothing else. Not even his fav Thomas & Friends T shirt.

Due to his reluctance to take off his shirt, I was not able to shower him. As a result he wore his PJs way past the afternoon. Around 6pm, I purposely spill water on his pants. Knowing he’s quite a fussy kiddo, he would not be able to tolerate wearing a wet pants, he would definitely agree for clothes change. He did. Phew… 

The next day, I bought Ryan his first ultraman. A few weeks later, his collection swelled to these…

and he was evidently happy and excited. Since then, he was in total obsession with Ultraman. A big Ultraman aficionado now for sure! He no longer fussed about his PJs though, thank goodness. Daddy even bought a Ultraman DVD into the collection. Not exactly a good move due to the violent scenes but haih… he’s already 2 yo.. let him enjoy what boys should enjoy.

…seen here pretend playing with his fav ultraman (Ryan calls him the ‘blue ultraman’)

above all… how could his Ultraman collection be complete without a…

MONSTER right!!!???




Yeh Yeh’s big helper (when we were in KL 2 weeks back)


Messy hair! Seen here enjoying Thomas game on his new toy (V-Smile educational video game – pressie from YehYeh and MaMa). A bit too early to expose him to video games right? Errr…..