Little Mischievous

@ 27 months 5 days

Daddy was fixing a 3D Nemo puzzle when he realised 1 piece was missing. So Ryan was tasked to look for it because he was the last person seen messing with the puzzle. After a while of effort, he ran to the kitchen and asked kakak to come out for rescue.

Knowing kakak wouldn’t have a slightest clue where is the missing piece, I told Ryan

Mommy: Kakak won’t know where is it
Ryan: Kakak find Nemo
Kakak: *searching under the table* Kakak don’t know. Kakak cannot find

Kakak went back to the kitchen. After a while Daddy found the missing piece. “Yay, Daddy found”. Ryan who was still looking hi and lo for it under the table, stood up, walked towards Daddy and snatched it away from Daddy’s hand.

We could tell from his gesture he was about to throw the piece under the table. Before we could screamed out for him to stop, he made the throw. We were furious and puzzled at the same time not knowing why he acted the way he did. He wasn’t crying or whining whatever. Infact he was smiling all along. So we figured he probably thought that was funny…

…. but what happened next really sent us baffling.

Ryan ran to the kitchen again to get his kakak out.

Ryan: Kakak find Nemo *bend down and point to the nemo piece*
Kakak: Wow.. Ryan, you found! Smart boy! *Kakak obviously oblivious of what happened earlier gave me the look that says she was very impressed with Ryan*
Ryan: Good job! *clap in approval* (how thick face right. :P)

Till now, we couldn’t decipher Ryan’s actual motive for what he did.. whether it was to tease kakak or merely to gain the compliment…. Whichever it is… we were surely taken by surprise…. -o_o-

How about other parents? Does your kid behave as such?  :D

@ 27 months

Height: 90cm Weight: 13kg  

- Diaperless at home most of the time, except during nap and bedtime (though they are dry most of the time after nap/ the next morning)
- Started wearing briefs. They are soooooo ultra cute :P
- Able to take off his own pants, pull up diaper and briefs
- Seems to be able to understand a little bit of Cantonese and Mandarin now (when we ask him questions in Cantonese/Mandarin, he is able to answer…in English ^o-o^)

Pictures taken during Singapore Flyer ride.


*Wee Wee Training*

@ 26 months 3 weeks 5 days

*hot subject now eh with most 2 yr olds…*. Mine goes like this… 

Ryan’s wee wee training had not been consistent. Usually after 2 or 3 wet episodes (training pants), I’ll put him back on diaper assuming he wasn’t ready. Then a couple days later, we’ll repeat the same old process. 

Yesterday, 11th July marked the first day I stripped him off his diaper, off his training pants.

There were two accidents yesterday morning. The first, he told us he wanted to ‘shee-shee” but before we could get to the washroom, he wet his pants. I brought him to the toilet and asked if he still want to ‘shee shee’. He said yes. Huh??? But he did. Looks like he actually held his pee and finished off the remaining on the WC. For his effort, I gave him the thumbs up and big clap for telling us about it. He sure like the praises as he was beaming proudly here and there.

Second time, not so lucky. He was jumping up and down when I heard the sound of ‘shee-shee’ flowing down. He stood there stagnant and I knew the mission had failed. Sigh…

Later, when it was nap time I let him pee again in the toilet before I changed him back into diaper. While he was having his milk, we recap on what happened (the wee wee incidents) and reminded him to let mommy know when he wants to pee next time.

When he woke up from his nap about 2.5 hours later, I was so surprised to find his diaper clean and dry. I asked if he wanted to ‘shee-shee’, he said yes. Quickly brought him to the washroom and pee he did. Wow! Wow! Wow! He was so happy when we praised him again for his success. Ryan oh Ryan… Hahaha..

We continued to ask Ryan if he wants to go toilet like every an hour or so. At one point he actually got quite annoyed with our constant reminders that he actually screamed ‘NO’. Blehhh. Anyways, whatever it is, annoyed or pleased, no more ‘accidents’ that whole afternoon until the night. Yippeeeee!!!

When I was tucking him in bed yesterday night, Ryan told me he wanted to ‘shee-shee’. Bad mommy assumed it was another trick of his to get away from sleep. So I brushed it away and told him to ‘shee-shee’ into his diaper. Poor boy must be so confused.

Ryan: Mommy, baby want (to) shee shee
Mommy: You sure?
Ryan: Sure
Mommy: It’s okay, you have your diaper on. You can shee shee into your diaper.
Ryan: I WANT (to) SHEE SHEE!! (he sounded a bit geram)
Mommy: Ok.. you don’t lie to mommy ar. Come.
Ryan: Mommy forgot
(He was probably thinking why is his mommy so forgetful, at one point ask him to pee into the WC, then now asked him to pee on his diaper)

True enough.. he did it again in the toilet. Gosh.. don’t I feel sorry for making bad judgement of my boy.  

12 July

No accidents, clean dry diaper during his nap, saving me another 3 pull up diapers for the day and he’s also starting to tell us he wants to pee without us probing. Phew…

Good job!

Update: 13 July

I got another surprise from Ryan this morning. At around 6.45am (Ryan usually wakes up around this time lately), he woke me up saying he wants to ‘shee shee’. I was sooooooo tempted to ask him to pee into his diaper again but my conscience got me. I dragged myself up and off we went to the toilet. As I was taking off his diaper, guess what.. instead of stinky stained wet diaper, what greeted me was another clean dry diaper! He actually held his pee for more than 9 hours? Fluke shot? We’ll see tonight. :D

….. it’s actually quite tiring having to bring a kiddo to the washroom so many times a day.. but….but.. I guess it’s all part and parcel of parenthood and the end of the day it’s gonna be all worth it eh. *beaming*

Another Studio Shoot

@ 26 months 2 weeks 2 days

The title says it all……….






After we got home Ryan was still very excited so we stripped the lil fella and continued a few more shots before calling it a day… Heehee…

*he sure has a pair of cunning eyes*

scroll down for last pic (rated 18SX)  :P











~~I so luv this shot~~

* My boy is sure no camera shy. He was pretty cooperative throughout the one hour session. After every few shots, he would go to Uncle Benjamin (the photographer) request to see his own pictures on the camera. Then he would say “nice“. *thick face*

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**Update 3 Jul 08.

We have some of the previous studio shoot pictures hanging on the wall. This morning, Ryan said this to me:

Ryan: Mommy, I want (to) go there
Mommy: Where do you want to go?
Ryan: There, there (pointing at the pictures). I wan (to) go take pictures!

Hahahaha… he sure had fun yesterday. :D