Yesterday……..Last night….

@ 30 months 1 week 1 day


I was reading HerWorld magazine in the morning when it suddenly crossed my mind that I have not heard the 3 words from my hubs for a looooooooong time. We still get our usual goodbye, goodnight kiss but … mmm.. I have no recollection when was the last time he said ‘I Luurvvee You’ (apart from when he was travelling). Maybe I wasn’t in the pinkest oh health for the last 2 days which explains why I wasn’t in my bestest mood either. So I grabbed my phone and I texted him…

Me: When was the last time you said I Love You to me? Freaking long time ago right!!!!!!!!!!!




after 10 mins, I received a sms reply from hubs.

Hubs: Everyday! In my heart, you cannot hear.

Me: O-o-o *chuckled*


 Last night…….

When I was tucking Ryan in bed….

Ryan: (Tossing and turning on the bed not able to sleep….)
Mommy: Ryan, it’s very late now. You better get some sleep.
Ryan: (Drinking his milk).. how about goodnight kiss
Mommy: (Again?? Given him goodnight kiss earlier) OK.. ‘muaks’
Ryan: How about 5 times? (he always use the number 5 as an indication of many/a lot)
Mommy: (after 5 kisses) Ok.. sleep now. Close your eyes, don’t move and don’t talk. Then it’ll be easier to fall asleep. (Meanwhile, I was keeping myself occupied with Marble game on my phone)

After 20 mins my boy was still awake, tossing and turning in the dark.

Ryan: Mommy, what you doing? How about mommy close eyes?
Mommy: O-o-o Okay Okay (feeling guilty and paused my game)
Ryan: How about hold hand mommy?
Mommy: OK la…  (and we held our hands in dark…heehee..) ..

…after another 15 mins or so, he was still awake…

Mommy: Ryan, you better sleep now else mommy will go out and you sleep alone here!
Ryan: Sleep already mommy
Mommy: Huh?? *chuckled*

See, I’m only a ‘xiao nu ren’ (???), small little thing like this puts a smile on my face…..