Graduation cum Christmas Party @ Julia Gabriel

@ 32 months 3 days

After 4 terms with JG, finally it’s time for Ryan to bid farewell to the playschool which he attended its Bilingual PlayClub programme (2 1/2 hours each) once a week . I am sure he is going to miss the school (toys, playground, magic box, activities) lots.

In the library. Returning a book which he borrowed last week.

Picking out a book to read before class starts.

Found his fun pass which he would need to drop into the mini post box.

Ooopss… he sticked the eye sticker right in the middle of the wolf picture. 

“I’m done. I’m bored. What else to play??” Next to him is Anna LaoTsi.

Decided to have a go at the hand painting session by Lee LaoTsi.

Next is Xmas tress decorating time. Ryan loves peeling out the stickers.

“I want more stickerssssss”.

“Yay!! My tree is done. Do you like my Christmas tree??”

A hug from Teacher Safina

Mandarin session story time. The children gathered to peep inside the magic box. Lazy boy kneeled over instead of walking towards the box.

Simple graduation ceremony. Ryan receiving his ‘certificate’

Beaming happily. “Mommy!!! I graduated!!!!’ Hahaha…..

Santa Claus distributing pressies….

Ryan and his first Christmas pressie this year.

He likes to wash his hands. Not because he is a cleanliness freak .. it’s because………

… he gets to mess with the water dispenser after washing his hands. Having his drink here. After a sip or two he will throw the cup away with at least half finished water inside.

Running back towards to classroom for snack time.

Lotsss of food!!!!

ryan is only interested in cutting, messing, with food than eating them. Such a picky monster.

   Outdoor activities

Music Time

Me with my friends and teachers in JG Bilingual Fri 4.30pm class. Can you spot me?