Mickey Mouse Fever

@ 38 months 3 weeks 2 days

No more Ultraman, no more Disney Cars, no more Thomas and Friends, nothing. His utmost favourite character (for now) is Mickey Mouse ClubHouse.

He’s such a big aficionado of Mickey Mouse that he even had nightmares of it. Just last night, he fussed and tossed around on bed around 2.30am, 4.00am looking for his Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Clifford dog. I had put them at the tail end of the bed as the bed is simply not big enough to fit in 2 adults, 1 child and so many soft toys. Having said so Ryan was adamant to have each of them sleeping around him. I was so sleepy that I couldn’t be bothered, turned around and slept upside down leaving space for his beloved new friends. 

At aout 6am, I could sense him tossing on bed again. True enough, he started crying (eyes closed), kept mumbling he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse show. Arrrghhhh…….

At 7am, the alarm rang. I was reluctant to wake up. Ryan was obviously sleeping like a log. I told hubs Ryan is skipping school. Bravo. We all went back to sleep for another sweet half an hour. I got extra 15 minutes because I don’t have to get ready for work. Yay!

I came home around 9am after fetching hubs to work. Guess what, the little monster was still sleeping….. I woke him up and told him he missed school because he overslept. He was sad… sad not because he’s missing school.. he told me.. “No school? I cannot play with Brooklyn?”.. Yes.. Brooklyn is his best friend in school now.



side track…

Hubs bought a drum set for Ryan  during his last trip to KL. Ryan loved it (past tense now). He had been saying he wanted to be a drummer in the last few weeks prior getting the drum set. Now the heat has cooled off, sian with the drum set, he’s back to becoming a racing car driver. :D 

Anyway, few days later, I saw a similar set selling at Kiddy Palace. It’s of different brand but it is more complete. It comes with additional one toms and 1 snare drum at the side for just a fraction of the price at $25.  Toys in KL are so so expensive. :(


Happily drumming there :D