Ryan is 4!

@ 4 years

Ryan turned 4 years old on 16 April 2010. Time sure flies. I vividly remember how much time I spent for his birthday prep last year. He had a Disney Cars theme last year. All the cupcakes, goodies bag, paper plates, etc were ordered to suit the theme. 

This year, he has definitely grown. All the Disney characters are kinda passe for him. This year he’s definitely into a car craze. A fair bit of interest in superheros too. In addition to his all time favourite Ultraman, he’s also into Ben10 (more into the monsters) and Transformer. Just recently I bought his a new Transformer water tumbler after his old Disney Cars’ broke. When I showed it to him, he said these to me ‘Mommy, I love you. How you know I like Transformer? From the TV?’.  *smile*


- He’s about 17kg (skinny boy), 106cm in height.

- Still drinks milk 3-4 times a day, about 8oz each time.

- Despite being a less picky eater, he dislikes meal time. He can go up and down and take forever to finish his meal. After a few spoons, he’ll tell us he is full.

- He loves junk food – Just like Daddy, Pringles is his favourite.

- We never allowed him soft drinks but occasionally when we had McD, he gets to sip on our Sprite. The other day he discovered Coke. I asked ‘Ryan, do you know what drink is that?’. He answered while sipping the drink ‘No Mommy, but it taste reaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyy good’. I bet.

- He’s very good at giving excuses these days. We have this rule that each day he should read 5 books. When he didn’t accomplish that, he’ll give reasons that we did not remind him; that we forgot to read to him; that we were busy etc etc.

- He dotes on lil b. He’ll say ‘I love you DiDi’ to lil b from time to time.

- He likes to jump on the bed especially when lil b is around. It really gets on my nerves when I see that. Despite my countless reminders, he never failed to ask me ‘why, why , why’. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on him but often times we have to move lil b to the next room due to the kor kor’s roughness.- He’s still very much into a car craze. He said he wants to be a doctor earning millions so he could buy his Ferrari F458 (used to like F430). He can name almost all the cars we see on the road.- When we ask him what’s his ambition, he’ll say he wants to become a doctor, who treats the monsters and aliens in outerspace and the sea creatures from underwater.

- About a month or so ago, he was into this plaster phase. When he gets a cut (even a very very tinyone) or scratch on the fingers or legs and  the next thing he’ll do is ask for plaster. I forgot to take picture, but at the height of it he has like 4-5 plaster on his 10 fingers. To make matter worse, he refused to have the plasters wet. He will raise his hands up during shower and if I accidentally splash water on them, he’ll make a big scene out of it. The same goes when we need to wash his hands. We have to be very careful and dry clean them. In cases whereby they do get wet, he’ll demand for a new one. One week, we can finish the whole box of 20 strips of plaster easily. It was so extreme that I remember we actually went to a pharmacy and shop for plasters. He’ll go gaga when he spotted a waterproof plaster. So hilarious.

- Now he’s into screaming too. He definitely learned that from school. When his requests were rejected, he’ll scream. Especially when the requests were turned down by the grandparents and my helper.

- He likes to ask questions. He’s into this questions craze for like… forever.  When he watches F1 on TV with Daddy, the latter spend more time commentating the race than wacthing it. Ryan also never failed to ask us out of the box questions. That makes answering his questions rather exhausting sometimes. I lose count the number of times I had to google for an answer for him.

- His command of other languages besides his mother tongue has improved tremendously. He’s able to understand and speak little Mandarin and Malay now. When I speak with him in Mandarin, he’s able to answer me in the same language. For Malay, he’s still learning but his vocab improves greatly. He indirectly teaches my helper a word of two in the language.

- He’s still very much a mama boy. Occassionally he will cry when I go out. The other day hubs and I went for Ip Man movie at night. Of all days he chose to wake up that night and wailed uncontrollably upon knowing I wasn’t by his bedside. The whole household tried to pacify him but he continued to be upset until he sees me back home around 11pm. When he saw he, he shed tears and asked where have I been and that he missed me dearly.

- He’s more independant nowadays. He is able to play on his own for a long period of time. So most of the time he will be playing on his own in the play room which is just next to my room while the rest of us are occuppied by one thing or another. The drawback of this is when he eventually requires attention, he will go out of the room and start calling out loudly for us. Often times, that wakes the lil bro up who is an extremely light sleeper.

- Now that he’s more independant, he wants to do everything by himself to which I’m obviously pleased. Eg. At night, he would start his bedtime routine by brushing his own teeth (after I brushed the first round), undress himself (still need a little help with tees), wear and button his own clothes (no help needed). He does most of the things himself except feeding (to which he’s very reluctant of) and cleaning himself after ‘big business’ (his excuse: he doesn’t want his hands to get dirty)

- Ryan has this annoying strange habit. During shower, he will put his towel nearby so when the water gets to his eyes, he could wipe them off immediately. Even during teeth brushing, he would use a towel to cover his shirt so they don’t get wet.  At times when neither of us remember about the towel, he would throw a fuss and request for a clothes change, even when it’s just a tiny wee wet. He’s just too fussy.

- On the 2nd May, everyone in the family except lil b and myself went for the H1N1 flu jab. The adults had it on the arm whereas Ryan got his on the bum. Hubby said it was a little painful when the hab was adminitered. However when I asked Ryan if he felt anything, he happily said no and that it wasn’t painful. When I asked the same question to my helper, she suqinted her eyes and said YES without hesitation. Apart from a sore arm, everyone of them developed no symptoms. So proud of my boy.

Happy 4 Years old…