The nasty %$^* bug

Ryan @ 4 years 8 months 1 week 3 days

Lil B @ 11 months 4 days

The month of November was a bad one for us.  Ryan was down with recurring fever (though low grade) that lasted close to 2 weeks (1st Nov – 10th Nov).

On the 1st when Ryan first showed signs of fever, we brought him to a panel GP because the regular paed was off duty that day. Upon examination, Ryan was prescribed Augmention for throat infection.

When Ryan’s high fever did not subside after 2 days; which is unusual based on experience, we brought him to see the paed. We were surprised when told Ryan had a mild lung infection and he may require admission if his condition does not improved in the next 2 days.  Paed asked us to stop Augmention and take Klacid instead. After 2 days we brought him back to the paed. Ryan, as usual, bring his active self was still down with fever but the good news is his lungs were clear. Having said so, by then, we were puzzled for the mysterious cause of fever. So we opted for a blood test to be done. Ryan was such a brave boy throughout the whole blood withdrawal process from his palm. He didn’t fliched a bit.

That evening, paed call me. Blood tests showedan infection and everything else was normal. We were partially relieved, yet still very much concerned on the fever. On the 10th day, after countless visits to the paed, 3 different types of antibiotics (Augmentin, Klacid, Zitromax) he suggested the option of performing a more comprehensive blood tests done at the hospital. So we got the referral letter and went to see Dr Dato V.V Lee, Ryan’s paed at GlenE.

I’m glad Dr Lee is a much more optimistic doctor; unlike Darren’s paed also from GlenE. At a glance at Ryan, Dr Lee confidentally assured us Ryan is fine. He examined Ryan’s throat and showed us the ulcers in his throat mostlikely caused by some viral bug, which explains why the antibiotics taken were ineffective. He asked us to complete the antibiotics (Zitromax) and gave us the green light to go home. He even brushed off the need for blood test unless Ryan showed no sign of recovery in the next few days. After RM700 and 2 months of Retoxin Restore (probiotics and prebiotics) , Ryan recovered the next 2 days.


BFF with Teacher Debbie (Brayden and Zoey)

Ryan got well and we allowed him to attend the school’s last day of school for YR2010. On this day, kids were allowed to dress in anything they like. Ryan chose Ultraman which came as no surprise. He’s such a big aficionado of superhero characters. Anyhow, he had a fabulous time that day. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. I’m glad he did go…

Just when I thought the worse is over. Ryan went down with a high fever again a week later. We quickly brought him to the paed again. His throat is infected with ulcers again. Paed assured us it’s most likely another bout of viral infection but after so many weeks, we decided to bring him to the hospital for the blood tests. I was worried sick by then. The good thing is, Ryan is always active with no visble signs he was ill. That was a Saturday.

On Monday, I brought Ryan to see Dr Lee again together after collecting the blood tests result from the E&A department. Dr Lee glaned through the report and told me the  results were good. Nothing alarming. He told us Ryan’s condition is call Herpangina – a type of herpes/strep throat infection caused by the viral. He didn’t prescribed us any medication apart from 3 more months of Retoxin Restore :P.

After 3 days, Ryan fully recovered fully… Otherwise we would have missed our Air Supply concert.

Unfortunately, the worse has yet to be over. To be continued…