While Mommy was away

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

Hubby was away in Macau for a conference from 21st – 23rd March and I decided to tag along. This time, also for the first time, we travel without the kids. :P

It was a short but enjoyable 3D/2N escape. I sure miss the boys a lot but knowing they are in the good hands under my in laws’ care, I was at ease throughout my trip. :D

After I came home, Loida told me Ryan wrote something on his diary. I was so busy over the weekend I only managed to flip through it this morning. This is what I saw…


Awww… *sweet*

Record Breaking

Lil B @ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks

Tonight my lil B set a new record. From 9pm to 10pm, he demanded I bring him to the toilet to pee not once, not twice, not three, four but TEN times!!!!

At one point I got so tired, my back was aching from the up down commotion, I just asked him to pee into his diaper but the little cheeky monster insists to pee into the toilet bowl. I tried ignoring his pleas but he was too loud to be ignored for I was afraid he will wake his brother up. Despite knowing his motive to delay his sleep time I had to gwai gwai fulfil his wishes.

It is not the first time lil B ‘jeh liu dun’ (using toilet break) as excuse to sleep late. I normally give in as I see that as a good sign he’s almost ready to be 100% diaperless (he’s diaperless during the day since a week or so ago) but tonight is a real record breaker. It was one holy smolly T I R I N G chore. *wipe sweats*