Ryan’s First Story Book

@ 6 years 1 day

I was blog hopping the other and read about Malaika’s ‘story book‘. I thought that was really cute.

Last week while Ryan was doing his drawing, I asked if he is interested to write a story book. He was excited and enthusiastic about the whole idea.

Title: My Big Building



(Small details: Car was drawn before the building and the little man inside the building)

(The car is now drawn after the building. I like it he paid attention to small details)

(The building has a bomb and the helicopter was there for rescue work. Little man is safe now. )



I asked him later where did he get the inspiration to his story. Bomb in building? No.. We never exposed him to violent medias. Well, he explained he was writing a story about building implosion. That I’m not surprised because Ryan is always fascinated with architectural of a building, how they were built, how people demolish old building for new one etc…

His story still need improvement here and there but is great effort coming from a 6 year old’s work. He proudly declare his ‘My Big Building’ story book is the latest addition to his book shelf.

*** the end ***

Drawing Analysis

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

About a month ago, I got to know about this centre that offers complimentary kid’s drawing analysis. This complimentary service is part of an awareness programe to encourage the development and discovery of Arts therapy.

This totally slipped my mind until Chin Nee asked me about it. Glad she mentioned. I sent in both Ryan and Darren’s drawing just before the deadline 30 Mac.

Ryan’s drawing

Darren’s drawing

About a week later, I received the analysis from them. The analysis was done by a lady name Emay Teow.

Due to age restriction, Darren did not meet their min age requirement. He is too young to draw anything constructive thus his drawing was rejected.

With Ryan, his analysis came back pretty accurately. Below are the key points from the analysis of his drawing ie the child’s inner feelings at that point of time.

… extract from the analysis

Soul status: In his mindset, life is always busy and systematics, lots of materialistic and pressure. Parents’ lifestyle shows him a good example

I find the analysis partially accurate. Part of me wanted to explore more but then again drawing is a very subjective piece of art. Analyzing a kid’s inner feeling based on a single drawing is a little abstract so I’ll take it with a pinch of salt. If you’re interested, you can find out more info by emailing knkidspirit@gmail.com. Free analysis has ended but no harm exploring what else they have to offer.


The Tooth Fairy

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

A few days shy from being 6 years old, Ryan lose his 2nd tooth. He dropped his first milk tooth on the 12 December 2011. So he is pretty seasoned about what’s going to happen the second time round.

Ryan’s first and second milk teeth were extracted by the dentist. The first time we didn’t really get a choice. His permanent tooth was sprouting out so we brought him to the dentist as soon as we felt the bottom central incisor (left) was shaky enough to bid its farewell. Despite appearing a bit scared, the whole dentist experience was fast and uneventful for Ryan. He was a brave boy!

Come second time, he wanted the tooth removed the moment he felt the shake. I persuaded him to be patient so to minimize the pain.

About a week or so later, Ryan told me his tooth is ready. So after his Bao Bei class on the 9th April 2012, we walked into the dental clinic without appointment. It was spontaneous and fortunately there was no other patient at that time. The whole process from the moment we registered to payment took less than 15 minutes. There goes his second bottom central incisor (right). Another milestone! Good job boy.

Dentist checking on his teeth. Apparently Ryan needs a filling on one of his right premolars.

Gau dim!

That night, he said he wants to draw about his visit to the dentist..




Just before he doze off that night, suddenly he jumped out of his bed screaming for his fallen tooth. Why? Because he had forgotten to place the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Yes, Ryan believes in existence of Tooth Fairies because the first time his tooth dropped, the ‘tooth fairy’ gave him stickers.

This time round, he got this.. (Afterthought: Too generous! Pray he won’t be expecting more in the tooth fairy’s next visit)


Another addition to his tooth album.. See you again, soon?





Potty Training Updates

Lil B @ 2 years 2 months

Lil B made tremendous progress following the last update on his potty training progress
when he was 20 months. Eversince, the rest was history. Whenever he gets thevurge to poop, he tells us ‘poo poo, big piece coming out‘. It’s really cute. Bringing him to the toilet many times a day is quite taxing but the good news is lil B literally skipped the potty phase and straight to toilet trained. So it makes the after cleaning a whole lot easier.

After our little success, we embarked on our next mission. We showed lil B some of the cute tiny underpants and asked if he would like to put them on
instead of wearing his usual diaper. He was very enthusiastic about trying new things. So there goes. One step nearer. Unfortunately despite his enthusiasm,
there were just too many ‘accidents’. So we put our plan on hold.

It wasn’t after the Chinese New Year I decided it’s time to restart our mission. Afterall, lil B was already 25 months. We started with lil B going
diaperless in the morning. Again, he was positive about the underpants. He was happy to put them on.

The initial phase was rather exhausting. I left instructions for my maid to bring lil B to the toilet every 20-30 minutes in the event I am not around.
Unlike the first round, this time lil B was able to communicate his needs better. He understands the need to pee in the toilet and would tell us ‘Pee
Pee’, though many times it was AFTER he peed. There was one time lil B peed on the bed right next to hubby, and the latter came telling me off for putting
Darren diaperless when he is not ready. I rebuked and insist it is a phase all toddlers have to go through. Now this man thinks the child will wake up one
fine day telling him ‘Daddy, I am ready to go diaperless’. That’s toilet training in his dictionary. WTF.

Thankfully, our perseverance paid off. Soon, Darren gets the hang of it after a few bummers here and there. Phew, thank the lucky stars for Darren never
let Mommy down. I think the whole process took us about a week or two. Nowadays, he will tell us he needs to pee and unlike last time whereby we had
to quickly drop whatever we were doing and rush him to the toilet, nowadays we could ask him to hold awhile until we settle with whatever we are in the midst
of doing. I am proud to say lil B is fully diaperless during the day before he turned 26 months.

I’m beyond thrilled with Lil B’s toilet training progress. He skipped the potty and prefers the toilet right away. I guess doing it in the toilet bowl gives
him a sense of being part of the grownups. Just this morning, he told me he wants to go school. This little boy is growing up way to fast.

Back to his toilet training, it has been 3 nights since lil B woke up with an unsoiled diaper. He is able to control his bladder and stay dry for about 9
hours. Sometimes before sleep, he will demand to be brought to the toilet to pee (many times so he could drag his sleeping time). There were a few times he cry pitifully because his evil Mommy refused to bring him to the toilet and asked him to pee in his diaper. *evil*

Anyways, I’m not sure if it is a sign he’s ready to be fully diaperless. Afterall, he’s only 26 months so I am not in any hurry to send the diapers off. Afterall, I still have lots of them in the store. :P

The years gap

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months
Lil B @ 2 years 2 months

Just the other day, someone commented the boys don’t look like they are 4 years apart.

Apparently Darren look like he was 3 while the kor kor being on a leaner scale look like he was 5. I’m not surprised by the comment.

Pics taken @ Publika after attending Alisya’s 7th year old party.

Darren is a big fan of Ryan. He sees his kor kor as his idol. Whatever kor kor does, he will follow suit. Whatever kor kor says, he will parrot. Sometime back I read an article that says 2nd child do learn faster by imitating their elder sibling’s speech and actions; I couldn’t agree more. It’s a fact without denial. At least in my case and I’m glad despite the occasional fights, they get along together most of the time.

Monkey faces

Bought them bubble swords and they had a swell of time playing with them. Simple & affordable toys that brought smiles on their face.