The offer letter

Ryan @ 6 years 3 months

After more than a year, we received the offer letter from the school we applied for last year. Now that we received this letter, P1 seem surreal and near. Mmm…


Sidetrack. About a month ago Ryan asked me which Primary school he’ll be going to. I told him ‘I have not decided’ which is of course a lie. We have pretty much decided which school for him and had made the necessary registration after burning a deep hole in hub’s our pocket. I’m not surprised with Ryan’s question. He likes to ask me all sorts of funny and at times annoying questions, either to test my patience or he was itching for lectures. It is with conversation like below, often I feel like banging my head on the wall.

In the car on the way home from school.

R: Mommy, I want to go to a nice school.
M: You are going to a normal school. Period.
R: Does it has a swimming pool (his current kindy has a tiny waddle pool).
M: I’m not too sure about that. You should count your blessing that you’re able to go school to learn. Stop demanding.
R: *quiet for a few minutes*
R: Mommy, if my school is not nice, I’ll just quit!
M: -o-o- (More lecturing from me then on)

So, that’s my first born. Super spoiled and arrogant. Faint or not?



Ryan @ 6 years 3 months

Saw Ryan occupied at his table. I didn’t pay much attention assuming he was into some art and craft work. After all, art and craft is what he likes to do during his spare time (when he’s not allowed to his iPad).

After a while, he called out to me “Mommy, is this your signature?”. This is what I discovered.


I must say he was pretty good at it. It’s not exactly the same but without closer look, it would have passed a cheque at the bank, if only that’s my real signature. Haha..

Not long after this, the fella actually attempted to sign off on my behalf on his homework book. He erased it but i saw the pencil mark. When i asked him why he did that, he gave me the one million dollar question mark look. As of I wasn’t mad enough, he topped it up with a question “Mommy, can I use this as my signature?” *faint*

I assumed he was just playful. I shall not anticipate something along the line when he receive his progress book next time, right? No? Boy, oh boy.. They are growing up too fast, too scary.

Down memory lane..

Lil B @ 2 years 5 years

Loida is currently on 2 weeks holiday break (15th – 30th July 2012). As such I’ve been spending a lot more time with the kids.

This morning I took out one of the old photo albums to occupy lil B with it. It was so funny. Lil B flipped through a few pages before he asked.. ‘Mommy, is this your friend?‘ I took a glance and saw this…


Muahahahaaaa … So ‘someone’ aged look ‘different’ now so much so his son couldn’t recognize him?

Noticed we looked kinda distant in picture? I guess partly because we were in a distant relationship for 3 years before we were ‘reunited’ after I went there. Gosh, how the relationship survived those 3 years? Ha ha..

The picture was taken back in Oct ’97, barely a month after we arrived at Birmingham, UK where I spent the next 3 years in this second largest city for my undergrad years. Hubs by then was reading his Masters at Oxford, 1.5 hours (train) from where I was. After spending 3 years in the country, he was like our white cane showing me and my flat mates around. How time flies.

Ryan and his medal

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months

We attended Bao Bei Wonderland that was held biennially.

This year the event was held at Sunway Putra Hotel, from 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Ryan was supposed to be there by 3.30pm for performance prep but obviously we underestimated the traffic and were late. Luckily, we were not the latest.

Bao Bei (Sg Long branch) performed the “The Sheep and The Wolf” story telling. I’m not really sure if the kids enjoyed what they were doing because most of them looked really depressed, including Ryan. Haha..

Having said so, the atmosphere changed when the organizer started awarding medals. That brought smiles back to most of the kids. Well, what do you expect, kids are KIDS right.


That’s Ryan with his trophy. You can see he wasn’t too happy. I’ll tell you why. Because he was upset he wasn’t getting a bigger trophy like the one below.