Chocolate Almond Rocher

I’m very fortunate being surrounded by many of good friends who showered me with good food, mainly home made (with love) food last year.

So in conjunction with the Chinese New Year 2013, I’ve baked these for them… (you know who you are…) 😊😊😊 If they fail to reach you, it’s not because I have left you out. It simply means they were gone before I could distribute them. Ha ha.. Sorry ya.. I promise I will make more. 😂

My camera does not do justice to these yummies. It was delish. They taste heavenly. Thanks to the recipe source from Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia through Wendy’s blog. Lil B helped himself scoop after scoop while I was busy transferring the crispies to the cups (1inch). Now you know why I said they weren’t enough. lol.



Make: 60 (somehow I topped 80 using the same recipe). I cut the sugar content to 70g.