Ryan’s maiden bump

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It was about 10am when I received a call from Ryan’s class teacher, Debbie. To receive a call from his teacher during school hours when Ryan was in school is heart cruching. The moment I picked up the phone, she asked ‘Is it convenient to talk?’. I quickly said yes and blurted my next question to find out if Ryan was sick. Teacher calmly said no.. he’s not sick. OK, I feel more relaxed.

I must say his teacher is a wonderful teacher. She’s never panicked in any situation, she’s never lose her patient in any of the students under her care, she’s always calm and well mannered in front of everyone. Well, at least in front of me. From my conversation with her all along, she potray herself as a loving, responsible and always positive teacher. I guess all these has to do with the Sokka Gakkai teaching.

Anyway… back to her call.

She broke the news Ryan had fallen while ‘playing’ with two other kids (B and KJ). They were playing (which I later found out from Ryan’s side story, they were actually holding hands walking towards the library) and out of blue KJ had accidentally shoved both B and Ryan to the floor. While B only had a small scratch on his knees, my poor Ryan had ended with a big bump on the forehead. Teacher Debbie assured me things are under control and she called because she wanted to pre empt us of the incident. (She actually called all three mothers). I asked if Ryan did cry to which she replied yes but it was only for a short while. To lighten the mood, she said Ryan even asked her repeatedly why she kept applying medicine as Ryan claimed he is no longer in pain.  Teacher praised Ryan for his braveness, for being strong and tough when face with such incident. My heart sank when I heard that. I was puzzled. My feelings were mixed. I wanted to go and bring him home but Debbie told me Ryan had insisted to stay in school.

When I reached the school to pick Ryan at 12noon, my heart sank to my stomach when I saw his bump. It was bad, so bad. He must be in real pain. But my tough cookie was all smiles and proudly announced to me ‘Mommy, I fell and I didn’t cry’. For a moment, I thought I was choking trying to keep myself from tearing, the little moment I said to myself, aahh… my little ‘siu yeh zhai’ has grown up. *smile*

Ouch! Ouch!

One thought on “Ryan’s maiden bump”

  1. It is part and parcel of growing up mah.. u see, Ryan is so proud that he didn’t cry… still a handsome looking little fella with or without bump…

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