Trick and Treat

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Hubs was away for 3 days to Manila for a business trip. He came home on the Thursday but since he has another business meeting on Friday, we literally only have Saturday of family bonding before he goes off on Sunday to Beijing for another business trip. So when we were invited to attend a colleague’s surprise birthday party the wifey had planned, we literally dragged ourselves out of the house. It proved to be a decision wise made. When we got to his colleague’s neighborhood, we saw many children all dressed in Halloween costume walking from house to house for Trick and Treat. Ryan had never been exposed to such experience. So it was a good opportunity for him to get involved.

Kids hiding to give birthday boy a surprise


We, obviously did not dress up for the occasion. Nevertheless, it never dampens the little one’s mood. Ryan joined the crowd and was brought along by Z’s helper together with a few other kids to collect treats from house to house. He was a little shy at first but soon warmed up especially when his bag started loading up with more and more candies.

So much effort put on the Halloween Trick and Treat deco. Kids had to perform the limbo walk trick here.


Little Ah Pek – obviously did not dress for the occasion


Candies in the bag


‘Partners’ in crime that night


Part of the candy treats

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