Lil B is 9 months and Daddy’s birthday

@ 9 months 2 weeks 2 days


Taken on 3 Nov 2010


My michelin lil b is now 9 months +. Ironically on the day he turned 9 months, he cut his bottom lips because the air filter fell on him when he was trying to pull himself up. That’s how strong he is… Blood was oozing out and I panicked. I quickly applied cold compress and luckily the cut was not deep. The wound healed completely the very next day.

My lil b’s stats:

Weight: 10.4kg

Height: NA



Lil B is very mobile now. He can crawl and cruise like a pro. He could easily pull himself up from any position. When he’s stucked or couldn’t get up, he’ll get upset and start babbling. So cute.

He’s also braven up the courage to stand unsupported for a good few seconds. It’s evident he loves the attention showered on him when he perform his little stunt. I think my little B is gonna take his first step very very soon. *reminds me Ryan took his first step when he was 11 months +)

Not many days ago, we noticed he could actually wave bye bye when we say bye to him. Such a cute sight seeing how he wave his hands up and down up and down. 


I’m glad Lil B showed no signs of separation anxiety when being separated from me. He is fine being whisked away by anyone in the house; anyone whom he’s familiar with. This gives me a little break in between for me to do my own stuff, and a little bit of me time.


Just like his kor kor, Lil B is very advance when it comes to teething. At 9 months, he already has 8 teeth (four top, four bottom), cutting his 9th and 10th soon.


 Lil B is a joy to feed. He is a true foodie. He eats everything we feed him. When he sees us eating, he wants his share. Unlike Ryan, lil B show no signs of food allergy therefor we have been pretty relaxed on the choices of food he can consume. I literally lose track of the type of food he had stomached in the last 2 months or so. Whenever we eat something, he would stare at us, babbles pitifully until we give him a taste of what we were eating. He’s truly the opposite of Ryan who is such a picky eater since young.

Sleeping Habit

Lil B.. oh Lil B… still pretty much a bad sleeper. There’re still many rooms for adjustment when it comes to his sleeping habit but then again, as a matter of fact I think I have not been strict enough when it comes adjusting his routine. Deep down, I kinda like the fact I could sleep in much later in the morning as opposed to waking up early to an early riser baby. (Lil B will turn in around 12, wakes up around 7am for a milk fix and go back to sleep until 10-11am. H-E-A-V-E-N :P).

Kor Kor and Didi

Ryan likes to give Darren nicknames. First it was Lil B and for a while now, he calls his Didi  ‘ Tickle Boy‘. He said lil B’s name is now Darren Tickle Boy.  The story behind  the name came about, he said, was because lil b likes to be tickled. Then lately, he said Tickle Boy is now Burpy Boy just because of a very loud burp Lil B let out the other day. So, “Darren Burpy Tickle Boy‘ my dear Lil B is now. :P

Ryan dotes on his Didi a lot. He likes to go near lil B. So he gets very upset these few days when he was refrain from getting near the Didi because of a nasty bug he caught (story in the next post). I feel really bad when Ryan asked ‘Mommy, why you always said No, I cannot go near Didi‘. Sigh… if only I have a choice.

I guess I shall end this post with a happy family pic. It was taken on hubs’ birthday. Ryan (who was still sick that day) insisted we should get Daddy an Ultraman cake. So (to please him) we went to a nearby bakery and got the cake with an Ultraman figurine. *Check out what’ was Lil B holding on his left hand*)



 For the record, this is the present I surprised hubs on his birthday….


and 2 days later, hubs surprised me back with this…. *awwww how sweet*


3 thoughts on “Lil B is 9 months and Daddy’s birthday”

  1. yea yr huby so sweet…new toy to play around?
    yr lil B quite tai jek (10.4kg) also ehh, haha
    curtain & sofa very matching lar…nice family shot :D

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