Ryan’s Ultraman Collection

@ 4 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day

These are part of Ryan’s Ultraman collection. He’s been an avid aficionado since he was 2 years old. He has about 50 Ultraman (exclude those tiny figurines he collected from twist balls, birthday cakes etc) and a couple of Bandai monsters, Ben 10 monsters, etc.

Recently we ordered more Bandai monsters and some limited edition Ultraman from Japan to add on his collection. That cost me a bomb but for the smile on his face, it’s all worth it. :) So far I have presented a few to him, especially when I have to go out for long hours whether it’s to run errands or work related matters, I still have like 10 in the box which I’m keeping for rainy days.



Ultraman Craze



Monsters and a few sesat ower Rangers :P

 On a separate note, nwadays when we are out, Ryan developed this habit of buying something before we head home. Hubs said I am the culprit behind that bad habit. Mmm.. I guess I have to admit, to a certain extent. But then again, check out what Daddy bought for Ryan when we were at Gleneagles last Saturday. Daddy’s excuse was ‘Ryan is sick…’ Yeah.. Yeah…. Culprit No2. LOL. *wink*



…. and DiDi get his hands on the new toy when Kor Kor is in dreamland (Ryan goes to bed between 7-8pm everyday) … LOL.


5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Ultraman Collection”

  1. OMG, look at the collection! We refuse to buy anymore Ultraman for the boys cos to me all looks the same (and waste of money) even tho’ they can really tell them apart and name their names! Haha…wait till lil B can walk and before you know it, ur boys will be fighting and imitating Ultraman moves, like my 2 boys!

  2. I hope LilB will follow after his kor-kor. then u can save money on toys. BOth kor2 and didi can share… Korkor dont get mad when didi mess with his toys?

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