Mr Independence

@ 9 months 3 weeks 5 days

P1110809 copy
Dad’s Mr Independence showing his hands off skill

Lil B has been practising for a week or so to perfect his independent stand. I have to agree, he’s pretty good at it now. He could now stand unsupported for about 10 seconds and he could slowly lower himself down instead of fall flat on his bum bum. I wonder if he’ll start walking sooner than his kor kor who took his first step at 11 months. We’ll see. :)

Cheeky Ryan. Purposely want to lean on Darren when asked them to pose for me.

4 thoughts on “Mr Independence”

  1. lil B is quite advance with his development!
    my B also currently very ethusiastically practising his standing up skill…it was so tiring for us :(
    i like that foam mat you have there, we must do somethg to the floor too coz the poor little fella just had a flat fall recently when he stood up!
    btw i think my B is 2 weeks younger than yours :D

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