Adios 2010, Hello 2011

Ryan @ 4 years 8 months 2 weeks 2 days

Lil B @ 11 months 1 week 3 days

As usual, procrastination hit me and I failed to write a post before the year 2010 ended. Well, I guess I’ll just make up with a first post on this 1.1.11 day.

We did not do anything special last night. Precious years I remember we would make a toast but somehow we had forgotten about that and two of us occupied ourselves in front of the TV until we heard the fireworks when the clock striked 12am. Hubby wished me Happy New Year. Argghh.. how unromantic but then again, having everyone safe and sound at home happens to be the greatest warmth of all.

Our neighbour lighted the fireworks, luckily not for long this time. Frankly, I am not a big fan of fireworks. I find them disturbing, too much of a noise pollution. I got extremely agigated when the noise woke the kids (active toddler and crying baby) up and I have to spend another hour or so pacifying them back to bed. Goodness, last night was bearable. Now I’m anticipating the much unbearable Chinese New Year fireworks which involves literally ALL my neighbours. Huh.. just when I thought fireworks are banned since dongkey years ago.

This morning, R&D work up at 8am. We decided to go for Dim Sum at Lai Po Heen. Miss their durian pancakes. Yumss…

We reached Lai Poh Heen at 11.30am. Surpringly no crowd. Yay! We ordered the regulars and Ryan, being the usual pickey eater just ate their Century Egg Porridge (minus the century eggs). The other lil fella was more adventurous. He was screaming for us to let him try the adult food. So there goes.. lil b had his first bite of Egg Tart and Char Siew Pow (he actually tried Char Siew Pow back in Oct when we were at Ah Yat Restaurant, Genting).

I’m now craving for a cup of Starbucks Choc Chips and Aunty Anne’s Pretzel. Hubs said he will drive out to get for me but as I am typing now, he is still in dreamland with lil B. When am I gonna get my Starbucksssss and pretzel??

Happy New Year 2011.

One thought on “Adios 2010, Hello 2011”

  1. FYI, I only managed to get my Starbucks after more than a year’s wait hahaha. I hope that you’ll get yours earlier ;-)

    And yes, totally agree with you that a peaceful and boring New Year’s Day with healthy kids are better than any fireworks or party. Happy New Year 2011 to you too!

    Oh ya and Gong Xi Fa Cai too :)

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