We were in Singapore, twice.


Ryan @ 4 years 10 months 5 days

Lil B @ 1 year 4 weeks 2 days

Our trip to Singapore inconjunction with Lil B’s birthday had been pre planned 2 months ahead. However, sometime in early January when hubs was informed of his 5 days training in Singapore, we decided to tag along.

Trip 1: 11 – 15th January 2011 (Tuesday – Saturday)


Daddy had gone for his training a day earlier than us. All four of us (Two kids, Loida and myself) boarded Tiger Airways to Singapore.



First time on a plane. He was manageable on our way to Singapore as he wasn't too sleepy. Alas, on our way back to KL, he was extremely cranky prior take off. After the plane took off, we brought him to the pantry area and managed to get him to nap. Phew...



Always an effort to get them to cooperate for a decent pic.



Inconjunction with the Year of Rabbit, there was an exhibition on various types of bunnies and hares. Check out the gigantic size of the hare.



That's my foot. The hare is 5 times longer. Huge!



Lil B, refused to cooperate for picture here



We were at Ryan's usual hang out place, Suntec City. So surreal. Daddy's office was here so we used to come here almost everyday to feed the Kois.


Trip 2: 20th – 24th Jan 2011


This time we came by car. The two kiddos and hubby crashed on the bed (master room) the moment we checked into Thong Sia Apartment (hubby's company apartment). The building, which is located right opposite Paragon is an old building but like any other buildings in Singapore, they are well maintained and as good as new. The unit is newly and tastefully renovated with 3 rooms. Ample space for the kids to roam around. The caretaker told us the unit is now worth S$4 million. I'm not surprised.



Chiling on the sofa.



We went to Marina Bay Sands on the 2nd night. Can you see the 3D effect of a human kneeling on four? We didn't see it then. We only noticed when we were browsing thru the pictures.



At one of our favourite restaurants, Forture near Holland.



We had another simple celebration with Darren on his actual birthdate, 22nd Jan 2011. We bought a simple heart shaped cake for Darren from The Bread Talk.



Father and son occupied by their respective gadget on hand.



One of the rooms in the 3 room apartment. MIL and Loida slept here.



Kitchen. I wouldn't mind staying here for another 3 nights frankly. LOL.




End of Part 1…

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Darren. The apartment looks nice, especially since it is located opposite Paragon :D Do they rent out to the general public?

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