Chinese New Year 2011

Last year’s Chinese New Year I was still in my month long confinement period. Eventhough I was not die hard, 100% strict by the book confinement follower, there were still many dos and don’ts especially when it comes to food consumption. So this year’s celebration, I went all out. All the new year resolution to bring the weight down goes under the KIV section. I really ate all I can, especially my favourite yee sang. I heart Pik Wah Restaurant’s yee sang. Yummy~

1st day CNY (3rd Feb, Thurs) - Previous years, we would go to one of our uncle’s house at Jalan Ipoh to pai nin. For half a day everyone will go on vegetarian diet. The same has been in practise for many decades. Sadly, this uncle passed away last December due to hypertension. He was a healthy chap and his death was a big shock to everyone. Anyway, putting that sorrow behind us, this year we celebrated 年初一 (first day of Chinese New Year) at this vegetarian restaurant (can’t remeber the name) at Spark Complex Desa Petaling. It’s a place discovered by another Uncle who claimed he has his dinner there 3-4 times a week.


Not everyone were in the pic. Bro in law and family and 2nd auntie and her troops were not present that day. Nevertheless, a good pic!
Attempt to get them to pose for camera: Take 1
Take two.
Take three. Pass.

That night, we went to The Ship, Jalan Sultan Ismail for dinner. This is the second time we had our CNY Day 1 dinner there. The place was as crowded as usual. Parking is a big issue as usual too. Luckily they have valet service.

When we were at The Ship, Ryan had acted strangely. He even refused to drink his usual Lime Juice which he never said no. Strange….

2nd day CNY (4th Feb, Friday) – As usual years, we went for brunch with my mom. For many years we had dim sum at Dragon-i, and for many years we complained about the lack of varieties and the overpriced selection. Yet, we go back year after year. The say, old habit die hard. Maybe that’s true in our gene. Haha.. Anyway, this year, we strive to make a change. We make a reservation a few restaurants away from Dragon-i; the Madam Kwan. At least the food was good.

Ryan was acting strangely again. He looked and behaved really tired throughout the session. My poor baby. On the other hand, lil B who started having stranger anxiety kept staring at Por Por. He was pretty alright with my sis, alas I could not say the same with my mom. Aiyooo…
Bestest cousins (Wei Wei on left)

3rd day CNY – (5th Feb, Saturday) – Finally we have an answer to Ryan’s moodiness. He vomitted twice since last night and he claimed to have bad tummyache. Something must have bothering him since days ago and finally the symptoms showed. Unfortunately, his regular paed was still on CNY leave, we brought him to the panel GP in hope we will get a decent doctor. Luck was on our side. A Malay lady doctor examined and found him to nothing serious except for tummy bloatness. So Ryan was prescribed some anti vomitting syrup and medication to reduce tummy wind.  That really spoiled our mood, especially mine. Well, it always does when my kids are sick. So, we stayed in all day.

5 Feb – @ Doctor’s place (Klinik Kita)

4th day CNY (6th Feb, Sunday) – Ryan is so much better this day eventhough he still complain about the discomfort in his tummy. Seeing the medication doing little help with his tummy, I decided to try the magic black oil my mom gave me years ago. Well, she claimed this potion is one money can’t buy. The oil smells bad but my mom said me and my siblings grew up with it. Well, I am still alive and very healthy so no harm trying. I poured a bit of the oil on my palm, rub both hands together to warm up the oil and start rubbing on Ryan’s tummyby stroking downwards. I repeated the process a few times throughout the day. That evening, he felt so much better and was already running around and playing Wii. Seeing him so much better, hubs and I decided we could sneak out for a little light hearted movie. I browsed through TGV and GSC websites and all the seats are taken except for those front few rows seating. No way, I’m gonna stick my head up 1.5 hours for some silly show. So, we opted for GSC Signature tickets and voila, we managed to grab 2 seats for the movie ‘I Love Hong Kong’. Very pleased with my catch of the day indeed. 2nd row from the last. Yay!

6 Feb – @ GSC Signature for I Love Hong Kong, 9.45pm

5th day CNY (7th Feb, Monday) - We hung around at home doing nothing productive. Ryan was recuperating so we ate that day. We spent our hours playing with the kids, talking nonsense to each other, bickering and simply chil around. That night, we went for another light hearted feel good movie, ‘All’s Well Ends Well 2011′. Again, the in laws helped babysit the kids, the beauty of staying with in laws.


Lil B see no touch




Proud kor kor, Happy Didi


6th day CNY (8th Feb, Tuesday) - Feeling really bored after being cooped up at home for so many days, we brought the boys to release their much compressed energy at Critter Land @ The Heritage. The place is huge, 10,000sqft and we were one of the two families there that day. Ryan had a blast. We brought lil B along and we literally make him practise his walking at the baby section. So cute.





Huge resting area for parents

7th day CNY (9th Feb, Wednesday) – School reopens for Ryan. Everybody is back to our boring routine.

10th day CNY (12th Feb, Saturday) – Bro in law is back home with his family. They are relocated to Indonesia and only managed to come back on the 9th. So this day, we had dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Pik Wah Restaurant.

Belated Reunion Dinner

11th day CNY (13th Feb, Sunday) – Hubs was invited by Genting to the latter’s CNY Luncheon 2011 at Genting Convention Centre. We decided to tag along. So we geared both boys up and off we went to Genting together with MIL.

Very generous spread of food and all beautifully presented. Sushi, oysters, bird’s nest, mini fatt tiu cheong, chicken rice, you name it they have it.


One of varieties of food served – Takoyaki, Salmon, etc…



We love you ‘Choy Sun Yeh’. Come to us plsss…
After the luncheong, we paid RM80 and brought Ryan to the indoor theme park. The park was crazy crowded. We only took 3 rides. Crap!


15th day CNY (17th Feb, Thursday) – Bro in Law and family were here for Chap Goh Mei dinner. That pretty much wrapped up our Chinese New Year.

Ryan with CaTilia mei mei. They are 2 years apart.

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  1. such a elaborate CNY celebrations.. I have not set foot in the cinema for 5 yrs!!! Yes, nice to stay with in laws that are not that busy… and an in laws that knows how to cook… envy envy!!

    ha.. u know what, I bought the same pj (the red tom and jerry one) for K too.. same taste wo…

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