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How time flies. Next week is the start of the one month long Primary 1 registration process for all kids born in 2006 who are due for 2013 P1 intake. That applies to parents who wish to send their kids to International / Private schools, we would still be required to register our child into a public school next month; at which we could withdraw later.

Basically we have ruled out the idea of sending Ryan to a public school. I feel sorry looking at the state of our local public schools these day. Both hubs and I spent at least a decade in public schools and we grew up just fine. Alas, the same standards cannot be said about the public schools today. My nephew spent one disappointed and sad year in one of the ‘supposedly’ top public schools. He’s now switched to a Chinese medium school near my mom’s place and he couldn’t be happier, despite a more hectic school syllabus and of course more homework.    

Back to Ryan, for a while we did toy around with the possibility of sending Ryan to Chinese schools such as SJK (C) Yu Hua in Kajang and SJK (C) Jalan Davidson but due to the distant, we dropped the idea. The Chinese schools in our area are out of our consideration.

With so limited choices, we drilled the list down to two private schools. Cempaka vs Sri Suria. We favour the former due to its good track record and of course word of mouth. The only catch is, their school fees! The very first payment amount alone (entry test fee, school fees, deposit, registration, what not) come close to an amount enough for a diploma course. It’s a huge decision ahead and we have a few months to decide if we want to send Ryan in for Reception next year when he’s 6YO (the school teaches Standard 1 at 6YO) or Standard 1 (7YO but school will be teaching Standard two syllabus).

 Dilenma….. It’s a huge responsibility here, knowing the decision we make today potentially affect the child’s future.


24Jan11 – Just right in front Festive Hotel (Sentosa). Showing monkey face here just because Darren got into the car first before him. He feels that if he gets into the car first, he will get more play time with Didi because otherwise Mommy who sits in the middle will be blocking between him and Didi. Weirdo boy I have here.


Thank goodness I have a son who cry easily but also quiet down easily. His only request is for mommy to sayang him and the tears will stop.


Didi, oblivious of his kor kor’s antics. The both crashed shortly after passed the checkpoint. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Primary School Evaluation”

  1. Yvonne, Standard 1 also need to go for entry test? Oh my God… This is ridiculous…I still remember during my time, I had to sit for entry test in order to enter private school but that was when I enter form 1. Now standard 1 also need entry test??!! Poor kids. So young and need to go through all the test.

  2. Where is Sri Suria located? I’ve not heard of them..albeit even during my time. Sri Cempaka has now a RM15k non-refundable deposit. So they are getting serious parents only.. and I heard they are going technology..meaning no more homework on paper but on ipad, etc… SC is too far for me. But i m thinking to send P to private school too with mandarin as elective.

  3. over here, we are in the waiting list… will only know the outcome sometimes in April… hopefully, M can get into the international school this Sept, and this also means a 45 mins bus drive… :( bad decision for buying a house so near to work place …

  4. if i can, i would love to send ashley to a private school :) i’m really scared of the chinese schools but no choice :( hope you will be able to make decision soon.

  5. Registered J at Sri Garden International ( for next year intake at 6 yrs old) and Sri KL International for 2013 intake at 7 yo. Both offers British curriculum from primary 1 but Mandarin is a compulsory subject. Also registered him at Chinese school as back up plan in case God forbids he fails any of the entrance exams. Am also feeling the stress cos we don’t want to make any major mistakes which like u say could affect the child’s future!

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