Lil B, the 13th month toddler

@ 1 year 1 month 1 week

Lil B is not so little anymore. He’s now officially a TODDLER. As for us, nothing changes. Our life still pretty much revolves around the two babies (toddler, kid, whatever you call them). :D

Lil B definitely went through a phase of growth spurt when it comes to his social developmentment. Suddenly I realised (or have I been such ignorant in the past?), he could actually understand what we were saying to him and could comprehend them well. There was a day when he was standing between the red table and the bed in their playroom. I can’t remember what he was doing at that time but he was definitely keeping himself ‘busy’. Next, I remembered he created some sort of mess. Casually I asked him to ‘Darren, can you please take the handkerchief and pass to mommy‘. I think I repeated it twice and after a glance at me, he turned to the red table, grab the handkerchief, took a few steps forward to me and handed the handky to me. I went awe because I wasn’t really expecting him to take instructions after being so absorbed in his own baby world in the last 12 months. 

Lil B is definitely more aware of his surrounding now. Not so much a social butterfly just yet, as he still has with him his starnger anxiety but with us, he’s no shy bee when it comes to exerting his wants and needs. One of his most use body parts is definitely his pointer finger. I think he’s testing his power, demanding us to take this, take that, do this, do that to please his curiousity by cooing and most of the time screaming.

His other developments:

Weight: I think easily 12kg now. Length: Unsure. HC: Unsure

Teeth: Stuck at 8 for the longest time…


He is able to point where are the lights, where are his shoes, where he wants to go, so forth. With his new found mobility (yes, my baby can walk pretty steadily now), he’s getting more adventurous when it comes to where he wants to stay put. Not so much of where you want him to  be now, rather the other way round. When you’re carrying or holding his tiny hands, he would point and move his body towards the direction he wants to go, otherwise we can hear more noise and screaming, his way of outputting his of disagreement.

Lil B is also demonstrating his quest for independence by attempting to self feed. I try not to make the mistake I did with Ryan who was not given much opportunity to polish his self feed skills. He was too pampered and protected. Until today, Ryan still bug us to feed him. Come meal times, his drama will start. He will come up with all sort of excuses and antics so to fish out every opportunity to convince us he needs to be fed. Of course I never allowed that. The most, I helped him scoop while he pedal around with his undersized trike. That’s another story to tell.

Back to lil B, he started showing interest in the spoon since 2 weeks ago. He would scream until we allow him to at least hold the spoon during feeding times. That trick works very well as he would automatically open his mouth when food gets near. However after awhile this little smartie thinks he’s all great and could feed himself without any assistance from us; meaning he want out hands out of sight. Blame it on independence. Starting 2 days ago, I have decided to let him self feed for real. He got himself a bowl, with a little food inside plus his spoon. Did he really feed himself? No way.. he created a lot of mess each time but I guess that’s how they learn. Thank goodness for helpers around the house. Hahaha….

Lil B can walk very well now. His steps are steadier and his balancing is much better too. He could turn his head left and right during walks and he has no qualms in making full use of his body parts, in this case his two hands. He loves playing balls. He would walk walk walk, pick up the ball (s), throw, walk walk walk, pick up and throw again. He just never slowed down. I wonder what batteries are stored inside him.


Two naps a day (morning and afternoon). I normally try to wake him up before 5pm so he would go to bed around 9pm at night since he could stay awake between 3 – 5 hours nowadays.

He sleeps in his cot most of the time. I say most of the time because if he does wake up for night feed (not often as he pretty much sleep through the night now), I’ll most likely doze off before he finishes his milk (Darren holds his own bottle now since he was about 11 month) so he ends up on the same bed as us. Sometimes I really don’t know how we managed. A family of 4 on the same bed and two of them sleep like a spinning fan. Yes, Ryan still co sleep with us. He told us he’s not ready to sleep in his own room/bed despite how we coax him so I chose not to force him as I do not want him to assume we are neglecting him because of Didi. When he’s ready, he’s ready.

Nowadays if he doesn’t fall asleep on his own while/after milk, we would normally just lie him down on the bed and let him hug an adult size pillow and pat him to dreamland. When he’s tired, he falls asleep pretty easily. When he’s not able to calm down to sleep (tired by still wants to play), I have to resort to all sorts of silly ways to calm and prepare him for nap/bedtime. Some of the methods used: tickle, songs, carry, sling, frighten, etc etc, whatever that works.


Pretty much on the regular cereal and porridge but we can tell he’s getting bored with his bland food and prefer adult food. He loves pasta soup, anything soup based works well with my baby. I try to give him 1 piece of apple (pureed) per day but lately he seems to like my mango more than his apples. He gets very excited when he sees mango (we have one serving of fruits every night after dinner). These few days, we were served a mix of mangoes and grapes for fruits. When he sees mangoes, that’s it. He refused to go to his room despite how sleepy he was. He would move his body to the direction where the fruits were. Normally I give in to his request and feed him the mangoes as I enjoy the bonding time with my baby. Why? Because in appreciation of the bites of mango I feed him, he will grab the grapes and feed me back. Awwww….so sweet right. It’s also  funny because since he still doesn’t quite comprehend that his mommy needs to swallow the grape before the next feed, he would just grab and feed, grab and feed without pause in between. And when I kept my mouth closed because my mouth was overstuffed with grapes, he would try to squeeze the grape in crushing it instead. Really funny.

The other day he saw kor kor eating yogurt, and he want his share. That’s how he got his maiden taste of yogurt 2 weeks ago. That was Nestle strawberry flavour btw.

This little boy can get over reacted when he sees food he likes; in this case adult food of course. He’s very adventurous and willing to try. At 13 months, he would point and demand to try. We always let him try the food he set his eyes on; with the exception of junk food of course. Other than that, we allow him to opportunity to taste. Lil B is the total opposite of kor kor in this matter.  Lil B is a ‘tong sampah’ easy with any food whereas the kor kor is so picky who judge what he eats by the color, presentation and smell of the food. At 5 years old, he’s still such a handful when it comes to eating out. Maybe should really starve him one day…


Darren seem to like music a lot. We turned on Baby Genius Mozart and Friends and he showed extra interest in the song ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Song’. Now whenever he hear the song, he would nod his head and move his hands. I’m scouting around for a good baby music class for him. Hopefully that will bring out the most of his music interest. Currently he show no interest in other baby shows such as Baby Bright series which were Ryan’s favourite for many years.


Mac11 – His favourite Darlie pose. Likes to do that these days.


Mac11 – Another of his favourite pose.


Mac11 – “You laugh, I laugh”. He likes to imitate everything his kor kor does, including laughing.


Mac11 – I wanted to take a pic of him walking but this little energizer bunny just doesn’t slow down. He threw the two balls he was holding at me. Luckily I ‘siam’ in time.

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