Darren’s first hair cut

@ 1 year 2 months

I brought Lil B for his first maiden haircut last Saturday, 19 Mac 11. It was long overdue and guess what. We survived. Phew….

Check out Lil B before… His hair was messy and evidently unkept. Very ugly. :P

Very ugly look…

Lil B cried badly during the first 5 minutes. We tried distracting him with toys but to no avail. He was inconsolable. In the end, we tried this…


and guess what….. it works! My baby is such a foodie. We managed to keep him occupied by munching on his fave biscuits and he only fussed a little here and there. Phew. Ryan had his first haircut when he was 16 months (just before we went to Singapore and it was a bliss experience too).


No.. those were not his teeth. Those were the puffs / biscuits in his mouth. :D

Terra…. my handsome boy… RM12 only. Money well spent.

Pic taken @ Grandmama’s Pavillion. he’s pretty good at self feeding now.

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