Ryan’s latest craze

@ 4 years 11 months 6 days

Lately this little boy of mine is into cycling. Since he has outgrown his 2 years old bike which we bought for him from Kiddy Palace (SIN), we bought him a new one from Carrefour 2 weeks ago after his swimming lesson. The bike cost us RM295.00. I didn’t know kiddy’s bike is so expensive nowadays. Anyway, his wish is his Daddy’s command. So a bike he got… Btw, he chose the color (yellow).


That’s my boy. Showing off his new bike and his new watch (we got him a watch so he’ll be more aware of the time/schedule). He wore the watch day and night 24/7, even to sleep. 2 weeks later, the watch is sitting at a corner. When I asked him how come he’s not wearing his watch anymore, he said “so that we don’t waste water and soap washing it if it’s dirty“. >-o-o< So his evening routine now includes cycling and lately he’s added badminton into his favourite sports now especially after I bought him 2 new rackets recently. ((he will cycle/plays the badminton with YehYeh/Kakak, while Lil B and I go for our evening stroll). The rackets are actually gifts for his achievement in completing “A card” level @ BaoBei. Each level has about 80 – 100 chinese words (He knows more Mandarin words than his parents). He’s finally into “B card” now. I bought the rackets at a discounted RM5.90 each from Mydin. Good buy eh.. I don’t feel a slight heartache at all when I see him drag or drop the racket on the floor. Hehehe….

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  1. Ryan looks so grown up now! :) We bought our boys’ bikes from bicycle shops, so that the parts could all be adjusted accordingly to their height, arm length, etc….and yeah, nothing comes cheap nowadays :( My two elder boys can play badminton too, next time can play with your Ryan :)

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