The day Lil B was hospitalised

@ 1 year 2 months 1 day

It took me more than a year to have the courage to get this post up. It wasn’t until I was spring cleaning the pictures on my database that I saw those pictures that shattered my heart even till this date. It’s still very heart wrenching looking at them.

On the 12 Mac 2010, lil B woke up with a slight fever. He had been fussing throughout the night before and refused to be nursed but other than that he was all fine. So I didn’t suspect anything unusual.

After Daddy and Ryan left for work and school respectively, I noticed lil B’s face was a little flushed. I touched his forehead and it does feel a little warm. So I whipped out the thermometer and true enough he spotted a temperature of 38.1C. I went balistic and quickly whisked him off to the paed (Dr Yek). Dr examined Darren and told me he seemed fine. Perhaps he had gotten the flu bug somewhere. I was very worried as I heard babies below 2 months don’t get a fever. Despite Dr Yek’s assurance that  even babies as young as 1 month can get a fever, I was skeptical. Who wouldn’t especially after what lil B had been through when he was born, I was worried. I really couldn’t take any risk. I could really faint any minute then.

I brought lil B home and fed him paracetomal. I sms-ed lil B’s other paed (let’s call him Dr I) at Gleneagles. He had given me his phone number and asked me to sms him should I have any issues handling ‘special baby’ – ie babies who required hospitalisation upon birth. So I texted him and told him we won’t be dropping in the next day for lil B’s schedule vaccination. He replied and asked me to pop by immediately as babies below 2 months don’t get fever.

Needless to say, I drove like a mad woman (no, wasn’t speeding but mind was sure clouded by all the what ‘if’s) and reached his clinic around 3pm. Hubby took time off and we went to see Dr I together. Lil B was stripped naked and a thermometer was shoved under his arm for measurement. He had no fever. But this Dr I somehow managed to convince us we need to admit lil B for observation bla bla bla… He told us he will run some tests to make sure baby’s okay. We agreed. How STUPID we were for agreeing to admit a baby who had no fever and perfectly fine to a series of torture. Don’t get me wrong. Dr I is a good doctor but overly cautious. He want to be 100000000000 % sure baby’s fine. No amount of test is too many for him.

So there we were. Admitted lil B to Gleneagles on the 12 Mac 2010 (Friday). We went to the E&A to have an IV line inserted into lil B’s tiny hand (vein). Broke my heart when I hear his cries. Dem Dem them!



Mac10 - He was all fine but he does have a slight fever 37.9C around 5pm the day he was admitted. Dr I convinced us to start antibiotic as he suspect it could be infant meningitis which the symptoms are not easily visible. We agreed. With that agreement, meaning he has to stay in the hospital for at least 5 days to complete the course.



Sobs sobs...






By the 3rd day, we asked for home leave. Hate the hospital, hate the smell, hate the sight of doctors and nurses. The anitibiotics... It took an hour each time to complete.



I know.. you're asking mommy why the heck you're in a hospital when you're all fine. Mommy and Daddy were so foolish to listen to the doctor. We should have monitor instead of agreeing to the antibiotics course.:(



Eventhough on home leave, I stayed in the hospital from 9am to about 10pm everyday so lil B could complete 3 doses of antibiotics aday. Siow rite. Flushing a lil baby



On the 4th day, they had to insert a new line. Unfortunately they (the nurses, about 3 of them) can’t seem to find a vein on lil B's other hand (don’t ask me how many tries they attempted). After many failed attempts by the nurses, they got a doc to insert the line on his leg. Why can't they just get a doctor at the first place. He's a tiny baby for haven's sake!


On the 6th day, everyone’s patience were running thin. I let it out numerous times on the doc. I just could not hold it. I asked for his expert advise but he refused to give me a satisfactory answer. He said he can’t be sure when I asked him “DO YOU THINK BABY’S SICK BY JUDGING FROM YOUR OBSERVATION AND PHYSICAL EXAMINATION? DO YOU THINK BABY’S SICK WHEN HIS TESTS ALL CAME OUT NEGATIVE? DO YOU THINK BABY NEED TO STAY ON 10 DAYS ANTIBIOTICS WHEN HE’S PERFECTLY FINE?” He can’t provide me with a definite answer. Scardy cat doctor? Maybe. He’s such a chicken. Maybe he’s worried I’ll sue him for his wrong diagnosis.

That night hubby and I made the most important decision for lil B. We have decided to go against the doctor and will have him discharged by tomorrow (7th day). Prior discharge, the doc came in to check on the baby for one last time in the morning. Despite baby looking all good and cheery, he gave me the look that I’m making such a big mistake in my life for discharging baby. And guess what, he summonded for baby to take one last ‘salt’ test just to make sure. Apparently in lil B had a slightly higher salt level in the body. When I asked him if it’s really necessary and if it’s life threatening for salt level to be high. He said NO but insisted better to have a clean bill prior discharge. Fine. We agreed and lil B cried for one last time in the Children’s Ward.


We paid the hefty bill, no insurance btw (about RM7000 for 2 nights’ stay + 5 days of home leave, medication etc. Well, to be fair to the doc, his fees were only about 15% of the total bill paid. So I guess he truly wants the best for baby but I totally disagree with the way he function. As a doc, he could really offer more rather than succumbing baby to all the tests in the world)

A year after the incident, I’m glad baby is one healthy baby. He’s rarely sick. probably caught some minor flu big here and there from the brother but nothing biggie and he’s all good. So did we make the right decision then to discharge him on the 7th day? Mmm.. yes and no. No because we should have asked for discharge on the 5th day!



My precious baby who loves medicine to bits (unlike kor kor). No, he wasn't drinking medicine there. It was water in the syringe.



My two boys. Please grow up strong and healthy. We love you both to bits and pieces.

One very difficult post to write indeed….

5 thoughts on “The day Lil B was hospitalised”

  1. Yvonne, everything is over. Like Chinese always have a saying “after rainy day, the sun will come out”. Little Darren is a strong boy. and a handsome and cute bb!!!! :)

  2. u r overly anxious for nothing. for a baby at 2 can give antibiotics? in fact, P’s paed is totally the opposite. he is the kind that allows natural healing..longer time..less “strong” medicines.. i also had to adapt to his style… sigh.

    ANYWAY its all good now. Good lesson learned.

  3. so heartsick reading this. i understand how you feel. glad everything is over now. like you i hate the hospital, the smell and just about everything there :(

  4. dear yvonne, must be so hard for you especially when baby is so young. but it is all over and he is one cheerful, healthy boy! it is very normal for parents to react anxiously when it comes to babies. my sis also had her daughter hospitalised when she was a baby but it was a confirmed viral infection that requires antibiotics. so you did the right thing to get a second opinion.

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