6 months

@ 6 months (Backdate)

Ryan has 2 bottom incisors, the 3rd one on top is on its way out. He’s 70.5 cm in height and 8.63kg in weight.

Emotions and Character
Always with a smile, happy baby!
Needs to be carried over shoulder, pat and sing lullabies to sleep (if Ryan doesnt fall asleep during milk milk)
Has tendency to rub his eyes when sleepy

Language and Speech
Able to coo and babble a few interesting baby words such as “AAA”
Sometimes able to recognise the word ‘Daddy’ cos he’ll turn to Daddy when mummy said “Daddy”; vice versa

Able to roll left and right at speed
Likes to give his generous sleeping Buddhe pose
Able to pass a toy from hand to hand easily
Hold head steady when upright
Can bear his own weight on his two tiny legs when hold upright
Able to turn to direction voice without hesitation
Able to sit unsupported
Starts to creep (drag on stomach)
Can turn 360 degree turn with his buttock

Sometimes will sleep on his tummy
Doesnt stay long on tummy, always on the move – roll left and right
Easily squeal in delight
Smiles back when smile to
Doesn’t like to sit on car seat; he’ll arch his back straight when mummy offer to carry
Likes to sit up straight while on stroller (no more lying down)
His fav toy – Mr Ziraffe (love to suck it)
Doesn’t like plain water
Doesn’t like pear juice from Gerber
Doesn’t like to sleep on cot (will cry out loud middle of night) – currenly co sharing bed with mummy and daddy
Likes to put everything into mouth
Likes to scratch his head during milk time (sweats very easily)
Loves bath time – play with duck duck
Likes to sleep wi bolster
Likes to toss and turn during sleep
Likes to play peek-a-boo; will laugh out aloud
Seems like to watch teenage shows rather than cartoons
Likes to be the center of attention
Likes to scratch his own face / head. Mummy has to ensure his nails are always short
Never took pacifier
Knows when it’s middle of the night cos he’ll be so quiet even he wakes up middle of the night; even when Ryan fusses, he’ll do it quietly
Always with a beaming smile when awake – nv once with a foul mood
Likes to suck on own fingers – esp thumb, index and middle finger. Sometimes all three fingers together
Likes to shake rattle for the sound

Average 6oz of milk every 3 hours
Tried solid – Nestle Rice Cereal (half packet), Farley’s banana rusks and Pear Fruit from Gerber
Longest stretch without milk 6 hours (at night)

Usually wake up around 8am
Average half hour nap – 10am / 1pm / 4pm / 7pm
Sleep time 11pm

Still not much hair
Still suffering from ezcema from time to time
Did Kleenex advertorial with mummy (Women’s Weekly)
Gets comments like “Chubby Baby”, “Cute Baby”, “Likes to smile”, “Happy Baby” from strangers
Down with stomach flu once (bad once – vomitted and fever)
Cried twice only of all the immunisations (1st time @ 1st month; last @ 6 months)
Belongs to 90% – 95% percentile babies group
Graduated from mittens (since 3rd mth)
Still wear booties/socks at night
Longest day without pooh-pooh, 1 day
Got urine tested (phew~~ not easy. Gave Ryan drink and waited 15-20 mins w/o diaper on)
Very hyper active
Will instantly smile when his name is called

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