Here and there…. (Ryan)

Conversations with Ryan boy…

I have prohibited him from using ‘bad’ words such as ‘die’, ‘stupid’, and of course no bad languages at home.
I can’t recall how it happened but I think we were in a conversation about saving water in the toilet. He claimed I was wasting water for allowing the water to run from the tap.

Ryan: Mommy, 你想死 ar?? (Nǐ xiǎng sǐ)
Mommy: Eh.. 你不能说死 (Nǐ bùnéng shuō sǐ)
Ryan: 不是 ah,我说你的头发想死 (Bù she, wǒ shuō nǐ de tóufǎ xiǎng sǐ)
Mommy: Huh…???

Last week after I picked Ryan up from school, he said this to me in the car

Mommy : What did you do in school today?
Ryan: We learn and did some art and craft
Mommy: Oh, what craft did you make?
Ryan: I cannot tell
Mommy: Oh why cannot tell? No, must tell me NOW
Ryan: We made a card. It’s for Mother’s Day
Mommy: Oooo….
Ryan: But you don’t tell Teacher okay… It’s a surprise (his voice sounded a little disappointed)
Mommy: (Not wanting to upset him) Don’t worry. It’s still a surprise right because I still do not know how the card looks like
Ryan: (need assurance) So it’s still a surprise? Because you don’t know yet
Mommy: Yes… my dear.

Edit to add: This is how the card looks like

During the time when I had tonsil stone

Ryan: Mommy.. does dream come true?
Mommy: You mean ‘wish’?
Ryan: Yes
Mommy: It depends what you wished for
Ryan: O-o-o
Mommy: Why? What wish did you make? (At the back of my mind, I was expecting him to say toys, more play time, etc)
Ryan: Mommy… I wish that you will recover fast. You will be healthy always
(I have been scaring him that I suffered from tonsil stone because he made me angry when he misbehave)
Mommy : If you are only allowed one wish, would you wish for more toys or for mommy to get well soon?
Ryan: How about both?
Mommy: No.. choose one only
Ryan: Mommy get well soon
Mommy: *happy and contented*….. (nice.. he normally won’t give up his toys for anything)

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