Darren’s favourite time of the day

@ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks

It has to be bath time….

Everytime he sees me getting into the room, he will pull me to the bathroom. He could now get into the bathroom effortlessly (which is a step lower, about 10cm). After entering the bathroom, he will pull me to the baby tub under the sink and point to the shower room. He could do that repeatedly a few times a day. Really cute.


Splish Splash….


Angry after I told him ‘time’s up’ :P


Cyring pitifully, even after I allowed him extra 10 mins in the tub


Luckily this boy of mine (like his kor kor) is also pretty easily pacified. Phew…

In the evening is the time the boys are allowed to shower together after their evening outdoor activities. Lil B love, love, absolutely love the time he could ‘play’ with his kor kor, including being able to shower together. He also imitates everything the brother does in the shower, eg collecting water and pouring them over the head.


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