Ryan is 5

@ 5 years 2 weeks 6 days

Where should I even begin…

Ryan celebrated his birthday 3 times this year.

1) First celebration, at the kindy

The school has an unique rule. They only allow one day in a month for birthday celebration. So kids’ whose birthday falls in the same month will celebrate on the same day, if you wish to organise anything for the birthday kid.

This year’s April birthday celebration falls on the 11th April (Monday). It never occured to me to plan anything for this day. Afterall, there was going to be a big birthday bash for the birthday boy 5 days later. Nevertheless, on the Friday before 11th April, Ryan asked if he could celebrate his birthday in school. I thought of turning him down but my boy, he’s always able to sway me away to his will. So, I said yes. With just the weekend left, I scrambled to find him a nice cake. I had wanted to try Wondermilk’s cuppies. So, on Sunday we drove down to Uptown and got him these. There weren’t many selections available because we were there too early and the freshly baked ones are not ready. We had to make do with those ‘pack in the box’. Ryan chose the design (because of the silver sugar beads as toppings) and I thought they looked awesome. They actually taste great too. Thumbs up!




In the hall. Everybody sang birthday songs. The school arranged for cakes for birthday students


Ryan and his mates


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  1. Happy Belated 5th Birthday Ryan. I am planning for Mei Mei’s bday too and not sure whether two get cupcakes or cake.

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