Darren’s first enrichment class

@ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks

I signed Darren up for Kindermusik after noticing his excitement when we play him CDs or the Nursery thrymes DVDs. He was enrolled into Baby Village class which caters for babies from 6 months to 18 months. Darren was 14+ when he joined in April. Darren actually started his first enrichment class 4 months earlier than his kor kor who was enrolled into Shichida at 18 months.

For my record: Term fees RM384 (8 weeks), includes a toy, a book and a CD.


At Kindermusik class. Darren is not the oldest kid in the class but because of his size, he does appear to be one.





… and sometimes Daddy took over the companion role. Great bonding for sure. When I asked Daddy how was it, his first comment was .. “my whole arm is aching from carrying lil B!! ” Hahaha….




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