Tubby babies

Ryan @ 5 years 2 months 2 days

Lil B: 1 year 4 months 3 weeks 6 days

Eversince lil B was able to stand independently, occasionally I’ll opt to shower him instead of taking the long bath to save time. He never seemed to mind so long he gets to play water (spraying all corners of the shower room with water). He simply loves water. Whenever he sees me coming into the playroom, he will try his luck by pulling me to the toilet in hope he’ll get another dose of water play.


When they don't get to play in the tub...

Nevertheless, on days when I don’t have to rush chauffeuring the older brother for enrichment classes, he is allowed his tub time. Seeing this, often Ryan couldn’t resist but to join in.

Love this set of pictures…

IMG_3583 IMG_3581

IMG_3580 IMG_3579

IMG_3584 IMG_3578

Seeing how much they love playing water together, I went ahead and bought them an inflatable mini pool about 100cm width just nice to fit into the shower room.


In their new 'tub'.. :D

5 thoughts on “Tubby babies”

  1. P’s water time is definitely limited cos I scared he will get chilled/cold. So its fast in fast out, and saves water too…ehhehe

  2. haha.. i love the pix… as most of the time, i want to save time, i will get my son and dotta to bath together in the tub.. but now kor kor dont want to bath with his sis anymore…

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