Hands Free Stunt

@ 7 months 3 weeks 1 day

Ryan is extremely hyper these days. Last Night Mr. Lim and I have to attend his CFA award ceremony so Ryan would have to spend the evening playing with YehYeh and MaMa until we both got home around 10pm ish. Funny thing was right after we stepped foot in our room, YehYeh said “Tak Boleh Tahan liow.. YehYeh Tak Boleh Tahan”. Then MaMa supplement by saying “Beh Teng” – it means “non-stop” in Hokkien. Hahahaha….only one evening wor YehYeh MaMa, already tak boleh tahan???

Lately I realized Ryan develops a habit of cruising. Cruising in the sense that he will prop up from sitting position, hold on to whatever he could hang on for his dear life and start cruising from one side to another. And.. am really not sure if it’s because of his weight (about 9kg+ now I think) or what not, most often he will fall down and the whole process would starts all over again until he is tired and sit down playing with his toys within reach. Oh.. poor baby.

Cruising aside, Ryan never failed to amaze us once in a while. For instant, last night he showed us a little stunt after we put him on his playpen. Check out what little stunt the little monster paraded to us (middle pic)…

Note to Ryan: Ryan, you’re working your way to independence. Soon enough, you’ll be able to walk and run. Mummy is gonna miss all your amazing stunts. You never failed to surprise us… Luv you Ryan.


Oki oki.. I must blog about this.. or rather a space for me to remember this moment. Ryan is always a risible baby. I have heard some of my friends who said their baby would cry when they see their mummy leaves. Seriously I don’t know how’s the feeling like. You know, seeing your baby cry because the cutie misses you etc etc? A bit cruel but I would think that gives a sense of ‘achievement’ leh. You care for your baby and they shed tears when you say bye-bye. Hmmm…. cruel mummy. Heehee..

Oh, wanna find out Ryan’s usual reaction when mummy say bye-bye to him. The following pics were taken this morning? Check it out…

From top left: clockwise
Pic 1: Eh.. Ryan pointing at mummy. Is that a sign he gonna cry or show some sadness when mummy leaves?
Pic 2: Err..err.. nope.. no sign of crying.. he actually smiles
Pic 3: Yeah.. confirmed. Ryan is smiling when mummy waves bye bye
Pic 4: Aiseh… still smiling when mummy gets into car. (sob..sob)

Note to Ryan: Ryan, don’t you miss mummy?

6 thoughts on “Hands Free Stunt”

  1. As u kw, i also got one hyper toddler in my house and my MIL always complaint to me!! Really dun kw hw to let them diam diam sit there for 1 min…..

  2. HuiSia: Ryan’s hands free attempts were usually short lived… He can barely last more than a second before he starts scrambling for support. Always wanna be hero only :P

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